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Organization : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Facility : Voter Registration Online
Location : Hong Kong
Country : China

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Voter Registration Frequently Asked Questions :
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Q1: Who can register?
A1: If you are a Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above, and ordinarily reside in Hong Kong, you are eligible to sign up as geographical constituency elector.

Q2: Why should I register?
A2: Only after you have registered as an elector can you exercise your right to vote in the Legislative Council and District Council elections. It is your right to elect your representative to sit on these bodies. If you are eligible to vote in the Election Committee subsector elections, you also need to register as a voter before you can vote at the elections.

Q4: I have filled out an application form several years ago. Do I have to register again?
A4: If you have signed up as an elector before, you are not required to register again. You may log in to the Online Voter Information Enquiry System  to check whether your registration particulars are correct or not.

For electors with inaccurate registration particulars, their registration status and eligibility to vote may be affected. Please report immediately to the REO any change in your registration particulars especially residential address, so that the REO can update your records.

Q5: I only turn 18 at the end of September 2015 but the registration deadline is 2 July. Could I register as an elector now?
A5: If you reach 18 years of age on or before 25 September 2015 when the final register for 2015 is published, and if you are a Hong Kong permanent resident, you are eligible to register as an elector now.

Q6: I shall move to a new flat in mid-August 2015, should I report my new home address to the Registration and Electoral Office now?
A6: You should inform the Registration and Electoral Office of your new residential address immediately in writing or downloading the application form via  after you have moved home. Your new address will be reflected in the Final Register for 2015 if the Registration and Electoral Office is informed of it on or before 25 August 2015.

Q7: If I know someone provides false information for voter registration, how do I inform the governmental departments?
A7: The existing arrangement of voter registration hinges on a mechanism of honest submission to achieve facilitating persons to register. Eligible persons for registration or registered electors should provide true and accurate information in making registration or reporting change of particulars. If the public members come across suspicious cases, they may lodge complaints to the Registration and Electoral Office which will follow up promptly and refer the cases to the law enforcement agencies for investigation as appropriate. The general public should not contravene the laws.

Q8: If someone provides a false residential address to the Registration and Electoral Office for voter registration and subsequently votes at an election, which law will he/she contravene?
A8: A person who knowingly or recklessly makes false or misleading information (e.g. false residential address) to the Registration and Electoral Office, notwithstanding whether that person votes at an election or not, commits an offence under the law. If the person subsequently votes at an election, he/she will breach section 16 of the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (Cap 554), which is enforced by the Independent Commission Against Corruption. The maximum penalty is a fine of $500,000 and imprisonment for 7 years.

Q9: I am a new arrival from the Mainland. Do I have the right to register as an elector?
A9: All Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above who ordinarily reside in Hong Kong may apply for registration as an elector.

Q10: How do I know that my records are correctly entered on the register of electors?
A10: A provisional register of electors will be published for public inspection free of charge from 1 to 25 August 2015. Registered electors can check within this period whether their personal particulars are correctly recorded in the register of electors or not. Members of the public may raise objections, make claims or request for corrections regarding any entry on the register by filling out a specified form. Completed forms should reach the Registration and Electoral Office not later than 25 August 2015.

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  1. Presently working here in Hong Kong,
    My last vote was the time of Pres.Benigno Aquino 111. I don’t know if I can still vote? I want to ask if my name is still active?

  2. My voters is name was lost. I vote for last elections in Hongkong.

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