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IEC Lesotho Voter Registration : Independent Electoral Commission

Organisation : Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Facility Name : Voter Registration
Country : Lesotho
Website :

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How To Do IEC Lesotho Voter Registration?

Follow the below steps to register for vote in Lesotho

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IEC Registration Process:
Registration of electors is done electronically using Mobile Registration Unit (MRU) system.

The following procedure has to be done for one to complete his/her registration:
** Capturing of the fingers (2 index fingers as well as 2 thumbs from both hands); or alternative finger if necessary.
** Capturing of a photo;
** Capturing of the signature, this is done both electronically and manually;
** Capturing of Personal details. Here, one will be expected to give names, physical address, parent’s names as well as dates of births, etc.
** After printing the form, one will be issued with an elector’s Identity Card.

Requirements For IEC Lesotho Voter Registration

Following documents are required for IEC Lesotho Voter Registration. A person who applies to be registered as an elector has to bring one of the following, to the registration Centre/constituency office:

** Passport
** National Identity Document
** A sworn declaration by another elector.

How To Apply For Voter Card Replacement In Lesotho?

In case where the voter identification card is lost, destroyed or damaged, one has to report the matter to the chief who will later write a letter to be presented to IEC Lesotho confirming those issues.

That letter has to be taken to the MRUO who will do all the processes:
** Check the elector in the electors’ register;
** Verify
** Reprint another card
** Fill replacement form
** Attach letter from the chief to the replacement form.
** If the defaced or damaged card is there, attach it to the form too.

Correction of Personal Data:
** Registered electors have to inspect the lists to make sure that their personal details are correct. In the case of discrepancies, you are expected to notify the CEO/ MRUO who will fill in amendment form using MRU.
** An amendment form has to be used in order to correct personal data of an elector on the electors’ register. This also applies to those whose voter identification numbers starts with the following digits “00”. In their case, all the details will be re-captured. The purpose is to capture quality photos and finger prints.

** In the case of omissions, the elector should inform the Display Clerk who will collect the electors’ details and submit them to the CEO/MRUO. In the case whereby an applicant has a registration certificate but does not appear on the electors’ register, you will have to verify the fact by checking the control sheet, which was used in the registration process. That person has to be helped by using the amendment form in order to have an ID and to re-capture his/her details.
** If the applicants’ name does not appear on the control sheet, the applicant will not be allowed to proceed, but he/she may fill in the objection form if he/she so desires.
** If the elector’s picture is on the list together with the correct registration number, but the names and other details are not on the list, fill in the missing details on the amendment form.

Any person entitled to be registered as an elector /representative of a political party may object to a person whose name appears in the provisional list on the ground that such person is not qualified to be registered as an elector. He/she may also object to the non-appearance of a person in the register as well as the refusal of an applicant to register.

Objections may be particularly done on the following grounds:
** If a registered person is not a citizen of Lesotho
** He/she does not reside in the area where he/she has registered or does not work there.
** He/she is not of voting age
** A registered person is not who he/she claims to be
** He/she is declared not to be of sound mind.

A person who wants to object must fill the objection form and sign it. You as the display clerk have to assist him/her to fill the objection form if necessary.

FAQ On Voting

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Voting

Who has the right to vote?
Every elector whose name is included in the electors’ register for that voting station.

Who does not have the right to vote?
Every elector whose name is included in the electors’ register for that voting station.

Who does not have the right to vote?
** Any person who has not registered with IEC
** Any person who has contravened the electoral law
** Any person who is under the age of 18

Where to vote?
At the nearest voting station, where a person has registered

When to vote?
On the date set on the IEC calendar.

What is needed for a person to vote?
An elector’s registration card, a passport, drivers’ license or Official witness confirming an elector’s identity

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