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Elections Ontario Vote By Mail & Home Visit

Organisation : Elections Ontario
Facility Name : Vote By Mail
Applicable For : Canadian citizen, resident of Ontario, 18 years of age or older
Country : Ontario, Canada
Website :

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How To Vote By Mail In Ontario?

To vote by mail, you will need to complete a Vote by Mail application and provide a copy of one piece of ID. Applications to vote by mail will be available once an election in your electoral district has been called.

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You can apply to vote by mail using one of the following options:
** Using our online Vote by Mail application
** By downloading and printing an application
** By picking up an application at your returning office

If you choose to apply online, you will be able to track the status of your application and voting kit using our online Vote by Mail application.

If you choose to print your application, you must submit your signed and completed application form, along with a copy of one piece of ID, in one of two ways:
** Email to sb [AT]
** Mail to Elections Ontario, Special Ballot, 51 Rolark Drive, Toronto, Ontario M1R 3B1

** We must receive your Vote by Mail application and a copy of one piece of ID by 6 PM (Eastern Time) six days before election day.
** Once your Vote by Mail application has been reviewed and approved, a voting kit with a write-in ballot will be mailed to you at the mailing address provided.
** You will be unable to choose another voting option once your application has been approved.
** You are responsible for cost of returning your completed ballot to Elections Ontario, which must be received by 6 PM (Eastern Time) on election day.

How To Vote By Home Visit In Ontario?

You can request to vote by home visit if:
** you are unable to go to your returning office because of a disability;
** you are unable to read or write;
** you are unable to complete an application form; and/or
** you are someone who requires assistance.

** Two election officials will bring a Vote by Mail application form and a write-in ballot to your home to assist you in voting. You will need to show one piece of ID and complete the application form before receiving your ballot.
** You will write the first and last name of the candidate of your choice on the write-in ballot, and you will fold your ballot and place the ballot in the envelopes as indicated before returning it to the election official.
** To request a home visit, use our Voter Information Service to find your returning office contact information after an election has been called.

How To Vote In Person In Ontario?

You can vote in person on election day from 9 AM to 9 PM (Eastern Time) at the voting location assigned to you based on your current residential address.

** When you enter the voting location, you will be greeted by an election official who will direct you to a desk.
** At the desk, you will show your ID to an election official who will check if you are registered on the voters list. If you are not on the list, you will be asked to complete a form to register. The election official will then issue you a ballot.
** You will go behind a voting screen to mark your ballot. To vote for your chosen candidate, mark an X in the circle beside their name.
** If you make a mistake and mark your ballot incorrectly, you may return the incorrectly marked ballot to the election official. The election official will cancel the ballot and issue you a new ballot.
** In a poll with technology, you will place your marked ballot in to the secrecy folder and take it to an election official operating a tabulator. In a poll without technology, you will fold your ballot and deposit it yourself into a ballot box.

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  1. Wheres the application to vote by mail

  2. Shelley Johnston

    As everyone above. Where is the application to vote online.

  3. It’s may 4th and I can’t find a link to this application.

  4. Where exactly is this online voting application? Please provide a link.

  5. Dianne McCarthy

    Does anyone see the Vote By Mail online application available today (May 4th)?

  6. Dianne McCarthy

    It’s May 4th….does anyone see the Vote By Mail online registration option? I understood it should have been available today. Thank you.

  7. It’s May 4. Any one have a link to access online voter registration application

  8. May 04 and i can’t find the link to register for mail in voting. Wher3 is it?

  9. Brooke Corraigne

    Has anyone found the link yet?

  10. Well, it’s May 4 and no application to vote by mail? Good god! Only in Ontario. Horse & pony show.

  11. Online application will not be available until 4 May 2022. Then only until 27 May 2022.

  12. People can sign up from May 4 to May 27 and the local returning officer has to have the ballot by 6 p.m. on election day.

  13. Thanks for the comment Jean, I couldn’t find the application either.

  14. Katherine D Emerson

    Please provide the link for the Online Vote by Mail Application :)

  15. Have you got a link to the online Vote by Mail application? I’m unable to find it anywhere, including the Elections Ontario site.

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