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Organization : Electoral Commission of Jamaica
Facility : Check Voters’ List Online
Country : Jamaica

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Check Voters’ List Online :

Are you on the Voters’ List? :
The Voters’ List is a fundamental component of any voting system. The primary purpose of the voters’ list is to confirm the eligibility of voters to participate in parliamentary and local government elections.

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Electoral Commission of Jamaica Voter ID Registration :

The voters’ list is printed every six months, May 31 and November 30 each year.

Query Voters’ List :
Check if you are on the May 31, 2015 Voters’ List

** Enter Last Name
** Enter First Name
** Enter Date of Birth
For example, if your date of birth is January 28th, 1980; enter ’28/01/1980′.
** Click Search Button

ID Cards :
Why do you have to enumerate to get an ID? :
As there is no national ID card, the Voters ID is used as a de facto national ID, and in some cases is internationally accepted.

However, similar to a driver’s license which indicates that you are able to drive, a voters ID indicates that you are able to vote. You must therefore enumerate to receive this ID card.

How long after registration, does it take to get your ID? :
Depending on when you are registered, you should get your ID card within 4-8 months. This is dependent on the time you register and the date of publication of the voters list.

Why do you have to wait so long to get the I.D. after applying to be registered? :
You can only receive your ID after your name has been added to the voters list. ID Cards are only created for persons who are on the current Voters’ List and the length of your wait time is dependent on this. The voters list is updated every six months on May 31 and November 30 each year. There is a two month cut off date prior to publication. Therefore, persons who register between October 1 and March 30 will receive their cards after the May 31 publication. Persons who register between April 1 and September 30 will receive their cards after the November 30 publication.

Can someone else collect my ID? :
To reduce the risk of identity theft, we will not deliver your ID card to anyone else other than you. It is for your own safety that we ask you to collect your ID card in person.

Why do you have to pay for a replacement I.D. when it was lost especially since the first one was free? :
The money you pay for the replacement of your ID reflects the cost of resources to reproduce another card. You are urged to keep your ID safe and be careful when you need to use it.

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  3. It is said that police soldiers and election days workers with EPM beside their names should vote on the 25/11/2016 but what does EPM1 mean?

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  5. Can I vote online because I am out of the country?

    1. I could not find any facility available to vote online.

  6. Date of birth : April 14, 1930.
    Where is my polling station?

  7. I want to know where to vote?

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