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Organization : Electoral Commission of Jamaica
Facility : Voting Procedures
Country : Jamaica

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Voting Procedures :
Official Website :

Voting Procedures :

1. Be sure to find out where exactly where you are to vote BEFORE Election Day, that is, your specific polling station. Call or visit your EOJ Constituency Office, or call the ECJ toll free helpline at 1-888-991-VOTE (8683).

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Electoral Commission of Jamaica Elector Registration System :

2. Present your Voters’ ID card and follow the instructions of the Presiding Officer.

3. If you do not have your Voters’ ID card, you will still be allowed to vote once your name can be found on the Voters’ List, and your identity can be confirmed. This however will take some additional time, so be sure to take your Voters’ ID card with you.

4. If your polling station is using EVIBIS, that is the Electronic Voter Identification and Ballot Issuing System, you will be asked to place a specific finger on a fingerprint scanner. Once your identity has been verified, you will be issued a ballot.

The EVIBIS is only used in certain constituencies, so it may or may not be used at your polling location.

5. Once you have been issued a ballot by the Presiding Officer, go behind the voting booth and CLEARLY mark an X for the candidate of your choice in the space provided. Please also be sure to use the pencil provided in the voting booth.

6. Fold your ballot twice, as instructed by the Presiding Officer, to protect the secrecy of your vote, leaving the flap out. DO NOT SHOW ANYONE WHO YOU HAVE VOTED FOR.

7. Give the folded ballot to the Presiding Officer so that he or she can detach the flap.

8. Dip your right index finger (pointer finger) in the integrity ink and WATCH while your unopened ballot is put in the ballot box.

9. Once you have witnessed your ballot paper being placed into the ballot box, your voting process is now complete, and you should leave the vicinity in a peaceful manner.

Enumeration :

Do I have to register at the office in my constituency? :
It is preferred that you register at the office within your constituency. However, we will accommodate your application at the office that is most convenient for you to visit, for example near to where you work.

Can I register online? :
For your own security, registration must be done in person to reduce the risk of identity theft. You also need to be physically present in our office as your photograph and fingerprints must be taken at the time of registration.

What documents do I need to register? :
No specific documents are required for registration, but if you appear to be younger than 18 we may ask for proof of age. It’s a good idea to take your birth certificate with you.

Information that The EOJ collects :
Why do you take fingerprints? :
Fingerprints (4 rolled and 10 flat) are necessary because they offer a very good means of making sure that your name appears on the voters list only once. This will also protect your right to vote on Election Day.

Do you keep the information confidential at the EOJ? :
Your fingerprint information can only be used for elections. Some of your information (name, address and occupation) is part of the public record as the law requires that the voter list be left at a public place such as your local Post Office so that it can be examined.

If I am enumerated can I request that my name be taken off the voters list? :
There is no facility for the voluntary removal of your name from the voters list.

Why do we need a birth certificate or proof of age for young persons who want to be registered? :
We have found it necessary to ask for evidence of age and demographic information because of the confusion that often arises when persons give incorrect information. We would like to continue to have a voters list which is above world-class standard and as such any new information which we put in should, as far as possible, be accurate.

Residence Verification :
Why is residence verification necessary? :
Residence verification is a vital part of ensuring that our voters list remains at a high standard. The law requires that you must vote in the constituency where you reside. Residence verification is our way of ensuring that the address given is really where you reside.

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