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PEO Grenada Voter Registration : Parliamentary Elections Office

Organisation : The Parliamentary Elections Office
Facility Name : Voter Registration
Country : Grenada
Website :

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PEO Grenada Registration

It is the right of every person to register. To be eligible to vote, one must be registered. Registration takes place only at the Constituency Office.

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After registration, it will take approximately two weeks to receive the Voter’s Identification Card. The initial application process is free, however, any replacement ID card done after will cost EC$20.00.

Only the applicant can collect his/her Voter’s ID card. The issued receipt given at registration should be produced then. Registration is continuous; however, upon the issuance of a Writ (for General Elections) by the Governor General, registration ceases.

Registration Process

** Visit the constituency Office and present documents to the Assistant registration Officer
** Answer relevant questions.
** Photograph, fingerprint and signature would be taken
** Relevant documents are scanned, entered into the system and returned to the applicant.
** Receipt is printed and given (to be used on return to collect card)
** Card collected two weeks after

Documents Required

** Official Birth Certificate or valid Passport.
** Marriage certificate where applicable
** Citizenship document
** Proof of stay in country (for Commonwealth Citizens)
** Grenadian parents Birth Certificate for Naturalized Grenadians

Philosophy :
The Parliamentary Elections Office is guided by the philosophy that all citizens must be served with dignity, honesty and respect for their right to information pertaining to the electoral process. It is therefore imperative that the Office does everything within its power, and in accordance with the Constitution of Grenada and the Representation of the People Act of 1993 and the amendment thereof, to allow all persons to participate in the electoral process without hindrance or fear of discrimination. The Office is committed to the advancement of democracy for all citizens.

Mission :
To continuously register all eligible persons to vote, produce voters’ identification cards, publish the list of Electors and to conduct Elections in accordance with Legislation.

Vision :
The Parliamentary Elections Office envisions a transparent and impartial electoral process in accordance with the Constitution Order of Grenada and the Representation of the People Act and Amendments

Referendum Monitors:
(1) An appointment of a referendum monitor under section 12 of the Act shall be dated and signed by the chairperson of the respective community organisation, whose signature shall be witnessed by a person, in the form set out as Form No. 4 in the First Schedule.

(2) Every referendum monitor shall at the time of his or her appointment deliver or cause to be delivered to the returning officer of his or her constituency a statutory declaration of his or her willingness to serve as a referendum monitor made and subscribed by him or her in the form set out as Form No. 5 in the First Schedule. If such statutory declaration is not delivered as aforesaid, the appointment of such referendum monitor shall be void.

(3) The Supervisor of Elections may prescribe the maximum number of community organisations who may appoint referendum monitors in respect of each constituency, which shall in no case be a number less than three or more than five.

(4) Every referendum monitor shall at all times fully respect the secrecy of voting and comply with directions given to him or her by any election officer in the polling station.


The Parliamentary Elections Office
Tanteen Terrace
St. George
Grenada W.I

Telephone :(473) 440-2357 / 2698
Fax :(473) 440-4198
Email : electoralofficegnd AT

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