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Organisation : Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
Service Name : Voter Status Verification System
Country : Nigeria
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INEC Voter Status Verification System

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Nigeria Voter Status Verification System

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How To Check Voter Status?

** You can check your voter status by entering your details in the form on this page
** You can use your Voter’s Identification Number (VIN) or your name and date of birth to locate your registration.


For help, please call: 0700-CALL-INEC / 0700-2255-4632


What is INEC?
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was established by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to organize elections in various political offices in the country.

What are the functions of INEC?
** Conduct elections to elective offices except those of Local Government Areas of the thirty-six (36) States of the Federation;
** Compile and maintain the register of voters and issue Voters’ Cards;
** Conduct any referendum required in line with the 1999 Constitution or any other Act of the National Assembly;
** Delimit electoral constituencies;
** Register and de-registers political parties;
** Monitor the organization and operations of all political parties;
** Arrange for annual examination and auditing of the finances of political parties;
** Monitor the campaigns of political parties;
** Carry out recall proceedings where voters can remove an elected representative in the State or National Assembly from office if they are not satisfied with the representative’s performance;
** Provide rules and guidelines for its operations and the operation and conduct of political parties;
** Promote knowledge of sound democratic processes;
** Conduct voter and civic education;
** Ensure that all Electoral Commissioners, Electoral and Returning Officers take and subscribe to oaths of office prescribed by law; delegate any of its powers to any Resident Electoral Commissioner; and carry out such other functions as may be conferred upon it by an Act of the National Assembly;
** Train electoral personnel, electoral research and documentation;
** Provide technical assistance to SIECs.

What are the functions of the ICCC?
INEC engages the public directly through INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) to enhance transparency and participation in the electoral process.

The centre offers the public constant access to the Commission with enquiries and exchange of information:
i. Covers all Commission’s events and upload in real time on all social media platforms;
ii. Surf the internet daily to pick out content relating to INEC for necessary action;
iii. Take complaint from citizens and also provide feedback via the Commission’s hotlines and social media platforms;
iv. Send INEC’s Notices, Statements, Clarifications, rebuttals on the website and all social media platforms;
v. Compliment the situation room staff during elections;
vi. Online voter education on INEC social media platforms.

Which organization is empowered to register political parties?

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The Commission is empowered to register Political Parties if they meet the following conditions:

I. The names and addresses of its national officers must be registered with INEC;
II. Its governing body must have members from at least two thirds of Nigeria (ie from at least 24 states).
III. Every citizen of Nigeria must be free to join the association irrespective of place of origin, birth, ethnicity, sex or religion;
IV. Provision of the minutes of the meeting of members of its National Executive Committee indicating approval and adoption of the name, constitution, manifesto and symbol/logo of the proposed political party;
V. A copy of its Constitution must be registered with the Commission;
VI. The name and symbol or logo of the association must not contain any ethnic or religious representation/idea;
VII. The headquarters of the association must be situated in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja;
VIII. Its constitution must stipulate holding of regular elections for its executive and governing bodies.

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