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COMELEC Voter Status Verification

Online status verification of one’s registration record is possible with the use of the Precinct Finder facility in this Site.

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It gives a person the capability to verify the status of this status online — whether registered or not, whether active or not, whether with biometrics or none.

For Overseas Filipinos, this functionality is available via the Post Finder facility.

In the old days :
Before the availability of this facility in the COMELEC Website, a registered voter has to personally visit or call the local COMELEC office for any inquiry regarding the status of his (or her) registration record.

Voter information that can be provided online

Nowadays, this personal visit or call to the local COMELEC office is no longer mandatory if your question is as simple as :
** Am I already registered?
** What is the status of my registration record?
** Does my record have biometrics data?
** What is my precinct number?
** Where is my polling center?

These are questions that may already be answered without leaving the comforts of your home or from anywhere you please, as long as you have Internet access.

Although you may still need to really go personally to your local COMELEC office for some other matters (to get your voter ID card, for example; or to file your application or to update your record), verifying here first can save you some time and help you make sure if the trip is worth taking.

Precinct Finder

This online facility only uses the submitted data by your local COMELEC office, which has direct jurisdiction over the details of your voter registration record.

This facility is updated as of the last 20 April 2015 ERB hearing which approved (or disapproved) applications filed on or before 31 March 2015.

If you filed your application after 01 April 2015, do not expect your record to be found (or updated).

For overseas voters, the Precinct Finder is not for you. Use the Post Finder instead.

If No Record Found

There are several possible reasons why a record cannot be found using the Precinct Finder :
** You mistyped some information.
** If this is the case, please return to the Precinct Finder page and make sure to enter the information correctly.
** There is an encoding error in your record as typed in by your local COMELEC office.
** If you have already tried out our tips and your registration record still could not be found, send us a screen capture of your Search Result page at
** Your application has not been approved yet by the Election Registration Board (ERB) in your city/municipality of residence.Remember that your application still has to be approved (or disapproved) by the ERB.

Schedule of ERB Hearing

01/05/2015 – 01/31/2015 04/20/2015
04/01/2015 – 06/30/2015 07/20/2015
07/01/2015 – 09/30/2015 10/19/2015
10/01/2015 – 11/16/2015 11/16/2015

** If this is the case, wait for the schedule of ERB hearing to pass.
** Then give your local COMELEC office enough time to submit your data to the COMELEC main office before trying out this facility again.
** Your application has been disapproved by the ERB.
** Your application may be disapproved by the ERB.
** If you think that you do not possess any of the disqualifications provided under RA 8189, you may contact your local COMELEC office to verify.
** Your data has not been submitted to the COMELEC main office by your local COMELEC office.
** Before your approved application can be included into the Precinct Finder database, it must first be submitted by your local COMELEC office after the scheduled ERB hearing.
** After receiving the approved applications from the local COMELEC offices, the data will be processed for updating the Precinct Finder database.
** Give us 60 days after the ERB hearing to update the Precinct finder database. If after such time, your data is still not included, send us an e-mail at so we can follow it up.
** You are not yet a registered voter.
** This will be the case if you are at least 18 years old who has not yet filed an application for registration with your local COMELEC office.
** This will also be the case if you are of voting age as of the June 1997 (or after the 2012 ARMM) General Registration activity, but have not filed an Application for Registration any time after that up to this point n time.
** If this is the case, you can file an application with the local COMELEC office in the city/municipality where you reside.

PLEASE NOTE that if your registration record has been deactivated, it should not be a reason for your record not to be found. The Precinct Finder facility should be able to display your deactivated registration record using the information you provided.

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  1. paano ba malalaman kung active paba tayo sa COMELEC?

  2. hindo ko po ma kita name ko sa voters

  3. Voter Status inquiry

  4. Voter Status Verfication

  5. wayne agunay dalanon

    How can I get my Voter’s ID Number? sabi nila they will release ehh wala naman po.

    1. i need my Voters ID Number

  6. registration status inquiry

  7. Deactivated.

  8. sorry, but i was really frustrated with comelec for erasing my name from the voter’s list under the barangay i am a resident with…i happen to vote for the last 4 elections in the said brgy, now, my name is no longer in the masterlist…why? what the heck is wrong with you guys??!!!!

  9. veronicaboticario

    I’m registered since 2015 but never vote I will like to ask if may registration is active ?

  10. Juanito M. Torres Jr.

    No record found? i don’t missed any local elections in the Philippines, how come there’s no record found? System error?

  11. Evelyn Atienza Hilapo

    Hello! Bakit po Deactivated ang status ko sa Polling Information sa Voter Verifier ng Comelec. I was a registered voter since 2003. I started to vote 2004 for Gloria Administration, 2010 for the late PNoy and last 2016 elections. Wala po akong sablay at active ako sa pag boto. Now year 2022 Elections na mas kelangan ko ang pag boto sa tamang candidate ko, naka DEACTIVATE ako . Paki ACTIVE naman ang POLLING Account ko. Thank you

  12. Adrian Lenard Pasion Agustin

    Why my name base on your data no record is this a black propaganda? Its impossible why i cannot vote this presidential election?

  13. julita villamor cuizon

    good morning po bakit wla po nawala ang name ko sa masterlist isang election lang po ako hndi nkapagboto

  14. How may I know/confirm if my name is in the updated Comelec list of voters for the 2022 elections? Is there a site under the Comelec website for this purpose? How can I access the COMELEC Precinct Finder?

  15. Loiesa Marie Arroyo Moris

    How can i find or know my precint number, because iforgot & the little shit of paper that you given me was snatched by the holdaper, i put it in my wallet.. Can you please tell me what is my precint number.. Thank you for helping me to know it again.

  16. My husband and I applied for transfer of registration from Pasay precinct to Taguig precinct last October 14, 2020 with Application Nos. 512352 and 512351, respectively and with ERB Hearing Schedule on Jan. 18, 2021.

    It is barely 4 months before election day and we want to know the status of our application so that we will be guided as to where the exact place to go on Election Day

    Thank you very much and hoping for your prompt reply, God bless

  17. How to know my precint #?

  18. Good evening how can i transfer my voter? i want to transfer to vote frm laguna to manila? what i supposed to do? and I want to change my status frm single to married

  19. I am an old voter, how do I know if I am still registered.

  20. I registered last January 2021 in Lapu-Lapu City Hall but I am not sure if it’s already registered because the last thing I knew is that I’m done with my requirements and one of the staff said to wait for a call.
    But until now I didn’t receive any call from city hall

  21. Ivy shella S. Marquez

    I just want to know if my voters registration is still active or not.. And it possible this coming 2022 election.. I can vote or not..
    Please reply.. Thanks

  22. How do i get my precinct number from my previous address… I want to transfer from Talon Dos, Las Piñas City to Brgy 109, Tacloban City

  23. May i know if im still active and if i am will you please send me a copy of my voters id number.thankyou

    Lawrence Echavez

  24. Josephine G. San Luis

    May i know if im still active and if i am will you please send me a copy of my voters id number.thankyou
    Josephine G. San Luis

  25. Josephine G. San Luis

    I want to know if i can vote this coming nle.i want to know my registration status..and if im still active may i know my voter’s ID number mam/sir..please response so i that i can registered again before the registration ends.thank you.

  26. Angelito Antonio Gerona

    I understand now that the present system of continuing registration, a qualified person needs to register only once. This registration is permanent, unless declared otherwise by law. Registering more than once constitutes an election offense.

    However, in cases when a voter transfers residence, he needs to apply for the transfer of his registration record. Thanks for prompt guidelines and immediate transfer as well.

  27. Angelito Antonio Gerona

    Hi. I was an overseas worker registered in Saudi Arabia in 2015 but failed to vote in the last 2 elections. do i need to re-register now that i am back in the Philippines?
    Thank you.

  28. Angelito Antonio Gerona

    I was an OFW registered in Saudi Arabia, City of Al-Khobar or Dammam, Eastern Region, at the Philippine Consulate on Absentee Voting System last presidential election of of 2016 but failed to vote in the last elections, i need to re-register now that i am back in the Philippines. I am now a senior 65 years old, please register me on the on-line registration scheme so that no risk of long queue lines be met as limitations in time and constraints is imminent at small voters registration sites. Our area is Barangay Tumana, Santa Maria Town, Bulacan Province.

    Grateful for your timely assistance, Thank you very much.

  29. Hi. I was an overseas worker registered in Singapore in 2011 but failed to vote in the last 2 elections. do i need to re-register now that i am back in the Philippines?
    Thank you.


    ** I already voted during SK election , now that I am 19, do I need to register again in COMELEC?

    1. You should, magkaiba ang records ng SK elections at Regular elections comelec.

  31. Florie Verdadero

    How can I secure voter’s ID?

  32. I am a senior citizen and I understand that I am under a de-activated voter status. How can I re-activate my status please because I want to vote in 2022.

    Also that I have transferred residence 2 years ago from Marikina to now Quezon City. I used to vote at Precint 0377 in Marikina.


    SIR/MAM, Good pm, may I know my voter’s ID Number? SHERLEY BILOG DUMPAO, thank you

  34. And among our growing list of clients are those engaged in public utilities, inns and hotels, leasing companies, telecom distribution, banana plantation, hospital and start-up businesses.

  35. can I get my voter’s ID?

  36. Valentino C. Bardenas

    HI! Can i get my VRR Number. Thanks

  37. Celeste Dote Concha

    Good Day!
    May I request to please verify my Voters Registration does it have the biometrics, or do I need it to go to COMELEC Office for capturing?

  38. It’s hard to say

  39. Yes, this is a Good one

    1. How can I get my voters Id

  40. How can I get my Voter’s ID Number?

  41. how can i know if i have already register to id voters

  42. Danilo T. Espartinas

    How to update my voters ID and precinct number? Can re-apply a new application form for voters registration for updating my status and changes for address and precinct number and area code? How can I get a new voters ID? re-apply a new voters id or i will use it my old voters id even it is not updated in my status…
    I am hoping for your kindness and your immediately response will be highly appreciated…
    Thank you very much…



  44. Abelardo L. Aportadera, Jr.

    I need my Comelec Voter’s ID Number

  45. Can you pls check my precint number..

  46. I forget my precint number and i dont have voters id yet..can you give my precint number?

  47. Can i ask what is my precint number? I dont have voter s id yet



  49. Sir/mam, query lng po f the precinct finder are available even not during election

  50. Maria Delfa Zanoria

    Please give me my precinct number for voter ID 09762210.

  51. Please provide me my precint number of Barangay San Miguel, Pasig.

  52. I am an overseas voter and voted last election at Phil consulate in New York, I’ve been waiting for my ballot but I have not received it until today May 10, 2019 but my wife got her ballot, verification with the Phil Consulate in New York revealed that my name was no longer listed in the Comelec Registry according the officer in charge. I will not be able to cast my vote because I’m not included in the Registry, so my problem is how can I vote this election, my precious vote will not be counted, my question how come my name was delisted when in fact I voted last election together with my wife. I suspect something fishhy is being perpetrated , please do something so that I can cast my vote. This is an isolated CASE and not a whole sale scheme to disenfranchise a lot of filipinos who love to exercise their right and choose deserving candidates to be guardians of democracy in our country. Please advise what to do.

  53. I don’t know my Precinct number. How can I find it?


  55. Please help me to find my real precinct number and I want to know, whether I am still in the master list of voter’s.

  56. My name was deleted from the voters list in the last national election, I only failed to vote during the local election in 2013. Please furnish status of my registration.

  57. Kindly help me to find my name.

  58. Please check my precint number BRGY395.

    1. I have not voted in two successive elections. want to verify if my name is still in the voter’s list.
      I am a registered voter of Barangay Buhang, Jaro, Iloilo City. My precinct is 0355A. I want to know if my name has been deactivated. Thanks.

  59. Darwin Raga Albotra

    I want to know, where the Barangay I am going to do here in Cavite.

  60. My application was not yet processed. Last October 31, 2012 is the date, and the approval date was November 19,2012 but how come my voters i.d is not yet visible? Tell me if my application is still valid.


  62. Maryflor C. Ablang

    I am an active voter I applied for validation of voter ID in 2014. Is it available now?

  63. I would like to know if my id is ready to release? How will I know if my voters ID is already available?

  64. I would like to ask bout my voters id, if is ready for releasing. I was applied last may 2016. My precinct # is 0586A.

    1. Looking for my fathers voters list whether it is active (or) non-avtive.

  65. Due to the nature of my job as a service man to the Philippine army, I fail to register every time there is a voter’s registration. I just want to ask if I can secure a voter’s certification although I am not a registered voter?

  66. I am from Capas Tarlac. I went in the comelec capas to ask if my voters ID is ready to release. I was surprised when they told me that it will be available and release after 5 years from the date of May 2016 registration.


    I would like to know if my id is ready to release. Why don’t you ask support for local official specially the brgy. capt. to distribute all IDs that has been a year in your office?

  68. I just want to know about my voters ID status. Government said that it takes 12 months or 1 year to be able to get our voters ID. Now its more than a year and I can get an update and cant find any info from municipality of TAYTAY RIZAL.

  69. I applied for transfer of voter’s registration at Calamba City last August 12, 2011. As of now, it hasn’t been mailed to me. I want to know the status of my voter’s ID. Following are the particulars of my application for registration:
    Application No. 34053081034
    Precint Number : 322B (Barangay La Mesa, Calamba City, Laguna)

  70. They told me that I did not vote in last may 2016 elections. But I voted that day. I just want to know if you have a copy of my proof of voting. Can I have a copy?

  71. What should I do if my surname has been changed(from single to married) and already deactivated? Can I register a new one or just reactivate the old one and request to change my surname?

  72. I just want to know what should I do regarding with my voters I’d. Because my name is wrong instead of GENNIVY it become GENNILY. I want to change it. Before I go abroad I tried to fix it but sad to say as they said cannot fixed that time because I need to wait until JUNE. Now I’m here in Taiwan I cannot fix it personally. Can I change it through online?


  74. I lost my claim stub for my voters id card. What do I need to do to claim my voters id if it is available now?
    Hoping for your reply.

  75. Alexander Lopez Concepcion

    I used to be a registered voter in Francisco Homes, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. But now I transferred residence to 766 Ma. Guison St., Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila. I was unable to vote during the last 2 elections due to personal reasons. I would like to participate in the coming Barangay elections in October 2016. Please advise me what to do. Thank you.

  76. I registered on last December 2014. But now in 2016 I did not register because when I came in comelec office it was cut off. Can I vote now in the election 2016? I am living in Pangasinan.

  77. I am from Cebu city. I just wanna ask about my comelec id. I wanna clarify when will I receive my comelec id. Its more than 4yrs ago I registered.

  78. My voter’s id is not yet released and I lost the slip which I think serves as temporary voter’s id. Am I able to vote even without the slip?

  79. From the Website :

    PLEASE NOTE that if your registration record has been deactivated, it should not be a reason for your record not to be found. The Precinct Finder facility should be able to display your deactivated registration record using the information you provided.

  80. From the Website :

    The Precinct Finder is currently undergoing database update. For voter record verifications and other voter record-related inquiries, you may call ITD Helpdesk hotlines at (02) 527-9365 and (02) 526-7769, or send an e-mail with your registration details (full name and birthdate) to

    1. What is the status please of The Precinct Finder? Thank you.

  81. I am roberto s. Reyes, born on may 21, 1953. I applied for the transfer of my voter’s registration from qc to manila last year, under application no.3910340138494. May I know the status of my application and my precinct number?

  82. Am I already registered in Pasig city?
    Can I know the status of my registration record?and what is my precinct number including my polling center?

  83. Rosalinda Moralde Bueno

    I registered 2 years ago here in Philippine embassy Kuala Lumpur. But my name is not on the list. Kindly explain why? I want to cast my vote.

  84. Mercedes Cabutotan Panelo

    I would like to know if I am included in the list of voters this coming election. I have undergone a registration with biometrics and ID capture in Barangay Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City years back. But was never issued an ID. I was able to vote in last election.
    Thank you

  85. I went to the Embassy of Brunei on 29th April to cast my vote but unfortunately my name was not on the list. I am a registered voter here and even verified my name late last year. The officer in-charge just took a copy of my passport and told me they will just call me. But I’m worried if the election days are over and they will not contact me at all.

    What shall I do so that I can vote?

  86. I am a registered voter in the last election in my Province. However, I wasn’t able to get my voters ID because I moved here in Manila. I was wondering if there is any way wherein I can vote in this coming election without going back to my province. I was told by some people that it may be possible for me to vote but only with the national positions (from the President to Senators?). Is this true?

  87. Joahnna SY Dela Cruz

    I would like to know where is my precint no and also what is my precint no? My address is 875 brgy. Gulod.,Novaliches q.c. Please help. It is first time to vote on May 09,2016 . I have my biometrics last August 22,2015.

  88. I was registered in hongkong as the phil.consulate and i come home in cebu for good and I go to comelec last November 2015 to transfer my voting precinct. Can I vote in this may 9 election?

  89. Ma. Concordia L. Estrella

    My name is Ma. Concordia L. Estrella of Malagasang 2B,Imus, Cavite. I am trying to find my precinct number. We would like to know our precinct number as together with my mom, Teresita L. Estrella will vote on May 9. My mom is already 72 yrs old and will vote as soon as precinct is open. Hope you can help me.

  90. During the election some two years ago me and my wife received a sample ballot through the mail and a registration to vote. I live here in New Jersey, U.S.A. However this time for the Presidential election we have not received any ballot. Are we suppose to go to the Philippine embassy again to register and vote?

  91. Agnes Estrada Orata

    I really wanted to vote for this coming election, Please, help me check if i can still vote as i am out of the country for the previous elections. I really want to have it checked please. Thanks a lot.

  92. Monalisa Tabernilla

    Need to know when I can get my Voter’s ID. Is it already available? Where can I get it? My previous registration was at Cubao, Brgy. E. Rodriguez, Precint 3533A. But I have chnaged residence and has transferred my registration to U.P. Village, Diliman, Quezon City at Precinct No. 5539A.

  93. Priscilla Dela Cruz

    I am an OFW in Riyadh , Since I have my voters ID and know that I am a registered voter , how come when I went to Philippine embassy here in Riyadh my name is not on the LIST of REGISTERED VOTERS? Please Explain

  94. Eduardo Estrada Torrente

    There was a mistake on my Registration Birth Date. Instead of January 25, 1952, it should be April 25, 1952. I registered at Robinson’s Otis last October 26, 2015. What will I do to correct this?

  95. Rosallie Perez Barbosa

    Just want to ask i registered last year month of May 2015 as an absentee voters because now i am here in HK.What should i do and what to bring to vote i cannot find my name in registered voters here HK.

  96. I’m a registered voter in Dubai Embassy however; I was based here in Abu Dhabi since my company transferred me here in Musaffah Branch. Can I vote here in Abu Dhabi Embassy instead of traveling to Dubai?

  97. I’ve been trying to locate our precincts as early as today, to avoid confusion and waste of time during election day. Why is it that I always get this HTTP ERROR 504?
    How do I locate a precinct?

  98. Billy Maravillas Dela Cruz

    I am a registered voter in Abu Dhabi, UAE. But I am now in USA for vacation and will go to manila on May 3, 2016. I wanna vote but can I vote to Philippines? how?

  99. I registered in Riyadh Embassy on 31st of May 2015 during my passport renewal. I stay here in Jubail because of my work is here only. I try to go in Al-Khobar International School of the Philippines to vote in absentee voting. My name is not in the because not registered in Al-Khobar. Can we forward my name and voter ID in Al-Khobar so we can vote absentee voting this coming election.

  100. I registered last 2007 but until now comelec cannot provide my voter’s id. What’s wrong with that? Since my last vote was 2010, and then I just wanna know if I could still vote this coming election may 9?

  101. Roberto Deogracias

    The Precint Finder page is under maintenance since march 31 until now April 8, wasn’t it being reconstructed, because that was a very long time for maintenance, don’t you think so.

  102. I would like to clarify regarding my voter’s ID. Until now the comelec office of Iligan City said “that they have no voter’s ID, coming from NCR.
    Registration Detail : Inquired Feb. 11. 2016.
    REGISTRATION Date: Oct. 10, 2003
    Registration Status: ACTIVE
    Biometrics Data: Complete
    Voters ID Printing Details:
    My status of ID: ALREADY PRINTED As of December 27, 2012
    > my query is until now there is no Voter’s ID to be given to me here in Iligan City Commelec Office?

  103. I just got registered last year, but my paper got lost. How do I get my precinct number again? I lost the paper they gave to me. Please help..

  104. How can I correct my incorrect Brgy register number? I commit mistakes when I filled up wrong Brgy.number in my registration form.

  105. I was not able to vote 2 consecutive PH elections (brgy and national elections). Am I able to vote for 2016 elections? Please send me a response if I can still vote.

  106. Jenny - Abu Dhabi

    I was able to register here in Abu Dhabi in 2010, but was not able to register for this year’s election. How can I vote if I was not able to register in the embassy? If I go back to Philippines, can I just go and vote on the election day?

  107. I’m an OFW and was able to vote in 2010. I was not able to register this year. What options do I get to be able to vote? Is going back to the Philippines on election day a solution? Is there another way?

  108. Federico C. Paquibot

    One time I went to comelec office to claim my voters i.d but I failed. Since according to them I had no picture appeared in my voters i.d & I need to re picture. Sometimes in June 2015, I went to COMELEC Lapu Lapu City for a picture. So I can take my voters id but after taking the picture they advice me to come back after the May 16 election. Just recently I was noticed that my name was no longer found and the latest voters list in my precinct#351A. So disappointing.For me. My vote in this coming election is so precious. Please help. thank you.

  109. I am an OFW here in Rome. May 2, 2015. I went for vacation in the Philippines. I filled up registration form at NAIA. I would like to know if I am qualified to vote on May 2016?
    Thank you.

  110. I registered last October 2012 ( biometrics), and I voted last may 2013 election. How come I have no name on comelec’s voters list this 2016 election?

    1. Precint Finder page is under maintenance.



  112. I am a registered voter here in Saudi Arabia and this is my 1st time to vote. During election day I will be in the Philippines. Can I still vote?

  113. Susan G. Jandayan

    I am an OFW IN riyadh. I renewed my passport in Aug 2014 in Riyadh embassy. Therefore passed the voters registration. My name was not included in the list of registered voters. The application form was returned to me with note ACTIVE -RIYADH 26 Aug 2014. What shall I do know? I need to vote this coming april 2016.

  114. Rodolfo Aguillon Serrano

    I was formerly registered and voted several times in Acropolis Subdivision, Libis, Quezon City. Year 2014 when I went to my province in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte I do bio-metrics in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte. Please let me know if I can still vote in Acropolis in Libis, Quezon City or I will have to go to the Province?

  115. April Colico Dawisan

    September 2015 I registered at Naia terminal 2,Philippines they give me stab. They said I can use that stab to vote on 2016 election. But when I check in the of list of consulate my name is not there. Is it possible that I can vote? Thanks?

  116. I am a registered overseas absentee voter. I registered in Philippine consulate at Papua new guinea. Currently transferred working in Singapore. Can I still cast my vote here Philippine embassy in Singapore?

  117. Paulo P. Bongcasan

    Can I still cast my vote this 2016 election even if I failed to have my biometric validation? I can cast my vote on last election.

  118. How many registered voters are there this 2016?
    How many voting precincts are there?

  119. Edna berdan layba

    I wanted to exercise my right to vote this time, however I failed to do it in two successive terms. The Consulate here in Vietnam that I cannot register anymore due to the deadline given and it was beyond the period given. To my amazement, my youngest daughter who is working also in Vietnam, did not register at all but received documents from the Commission On Election_-Manila and acknowledging that she can vote on May 9th. I just wonder if the rest of my family also can avail this privilege such as this .

  120. Donessa Danghil Caban

    I found out that my name is deactivated due to failure to vote in 2 consecutive regular elections because I worked outside of the Philippines. Last October 2015 I went to Philippine consulate. Here in HongKong I went to check my voters status then they said that my name is still active,but now I found out that my name is deactivated. So what should I do to activate my name? I really want to vote this coming 2016 election!!!

  121. My Registration status is active & Biometrics data is completed according to the online COC page. I even have a voters ID no. Where do I get my ID card?

  122. Presently I am registered as overseas voter since last year. On the month May 2016, I will be on vacation. Can I still vote in the Philippines? Or only in Kuwait I’m allowed to vote for the 2016 national and local elections?

  123. In last local and senatorial election I was able to vote that time. Can I vote this coming presidential election even I wasn’t able to do the bio-metric last time?

    1. From the Website :

      The voter registration in relation to 2016 National and Local Elections has already ended effective 31 October 2015, 9:01pm.

  124. My registration record has been deactivated hence I was not able to vote the last presidential elections. I registered myself last year at Robinsons Nova so that I can vote this coming May 9, 2016 elections. How come my name is still not included in the voter’s list and my registration record is still deactivated? Does that mean that my re-registration last year is for nothing when I spent half of the day falling in line submitting documents, my picture, thumbprint and signature captured for what you call biometrics? Please advise on what I must do because I would like to exercise my right to vote being a taxpayer of this country.

  125. It is showing as
    If you are a registered voter, particularly one who has voted last May 2013 Elections or 2013 Barangay Elections, please try again and make sure that you have typed your information correctly.
    You may also benefit from some tips we have provided in this Site before trying another search.
    You may also send a screen capture of this page to the local COMELEC office of the city/municipality of your registration.

  126. Daisy Reyes, De Veyra

    I need to verify if I’m still active. Thanks

    1. Enter your name and DOB in the above link for online verification.

  127. May I know the top 10 regions in the Philippines with highest no. of registered voters and their average turnout as of last national election?

  128. How can I claim my voters registration ID? When I attended the PDOS last July 2015 ,representative from Comelec got information for Absentee voting.

  129. Robert Enriquez Balagon

    I registered on last 05 October 2015 at Dumingag Zamboanga Del Sur
    What is my precinct number?
    What is my voters ID number?
    What is my registration number?

  130. I want to know something because I receive already my voters ID but the spelling of my last name was wrong. There is no space between, may last name was DE GALA, but in my VOTERS ID its Degala. So what can I do now? I give them already my birth certificate. What should I do now?

  131. Jacinto Dimdam Tapales

    I want to know if Edgar Dimdam Tapales had already verified his registration or updated. I am looking for him. I want to know where his current address is?

  132. Good day! I went to Bacoor City Hall to get my voters ID. Only to find out that I have no biometrics. Last Sep.2015 When I heard about the campaign, no bio no vote. I immediately went to Sm Bacoor to have my biometrics and I did it. How come that my file/ record is not yet updated? How can I vote for this coming election?

  133. Last minute I check about my voters registration.
    Because I need to know the status on my voters I,D I found out.
    On Voters I,D printing, I was lined up for Afis registration for fingerprints.
    I don’t know what is that, but how long is that? I registered last 2012,
    I hope you understand.

  134. I can’t find my voters I’d since I register before 6 years ago at the Brunei consulate embassy. Please let me know soon.

  135. I vote in last election in southern leyte but now I am working in Cavite. Can I still vote in leyte in this coming 2016 election?

  136. My name is JEAN AGPALO NOBLETA. I this coming election i want to vote here in Singapore. Can you help me? Thanks

  137. Why is that voters id so delayed and if we cannot vote, the comelec will not print our id, and is there any precint for registered voters out of town? Since we are working in other provinces. Why do comelec deactivate living voters so unfair. We have the right to vote but we are out of town working.

  138. Hey there comelec, where is my voters id i was registered last 2009, why 2012 id came first?

  139. I can’t find my name. I already got registered on last may 2014.

  140. When i searched my name using my other details in “Precinct finder”, i didn’t found any other information of mine like registration details, precinct number and other info. I was already registered last November 2014. Whether I already have record in their database or none?


  142. ** Am I already registered?
    ** What is the status of my registration record?
    ** Does my record have biometrics data?
    ** What is my precinct number?
    ** Where is my polling center?


    May I inquire if my application for voter’s ID is already available with application no. 14123. I am from San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur, 4418, Bicol Region with precinct no. 0147 B – San Jose. Until now my ID is not yet released for almost 6 years.
    Hope this inquiry/request of mine given quick attention. Thank you and more power!

    1. Good day Ma’am/Sir,

      I would like to know if I can still vote this coming 2022 election.I voted last 2016 election.I really need to know if I’m still an active voter.I came from Tagbilaran City,Bohol.P7C was my number before.


  145. I registered on last October 17, 2015 when will the predict finder be updated for those who registered from July 1, 2015-october 31,2015?

  146. I had my bio metrics done last October 2012 yet. I don’t have my ID yet. Is that really long?

  147. As per online status my previous Registration in the Phil was deactivated because I failed to vote 2 consecutive elections. Last July 16, 2015, I submitted my registration here in Hong Kong. Would I be considered a legitimate voter and be able to vote in coming 2016 elections?

    1. Check the status using your name and DOB.

  148. I saw infomercial from dfa website saying OAV is extended till Dec 9,2015. We want to know when and where could it be? we are here in dammam Saudi Arabia. I am hoping for response, tnx.

  149. Just want to ask about my daughters comelec id. She registered since 2013 with some her friend here in municipality of basud camarines norte, but apparently her friends already have their id’s but she doesn’t have it. Is there any problem with her registration. When is she going to have it? Her NAME IS JOANNE CLAIRE LOPEZ ABACAHIN ,bday Jan 29, 1984. Hope you could help me.

  150. Since i found out my name that deactivated due to failure to vote in two consecutive regular elections because I am presently working outside of the philippines but I am willing to vote in this coming election 2016, so, last November 29, 2015 i sent out my application for reactivation of registration records, now, my question is, how could I know if my application for reactivation is approved or disapproved? Where can I follow up my reactivation results? Now I am living here in Malaysia.

    1. Enter your full name and dob in the above link to check the status.

  151. I just want to ask if it is possible to change my status. I badly need it for my work. I am sorry because I know it is my fault because I should know how longer the due date of the registration. I hope you understand my situation

  152. My election status is ACTIVE but NO BIOMETRICS. Can I still cast my vote in this coming 2016 election? I had confusion with the info I got that those who have cast their votes last election can still cast their votes even without bio metrics. May this question be answered? Thank you.

  153. I’m registered in Baguio am residing in Pasig. Can I do biometrics in pasig without transferring. I plan to still go to Baguio and vote.

    1. Once the identity of the voter is established, the EO shall verify in the database whether his/her record has no biometrics data or with incomplete biometrics data. If the applicant has no biometrics data or with incomplete biometrics data, the date, time, name of the voter and VRR number shall be recorded in the logbook. Thereafter, he/she shall be directed to the VRM Operator.

  154. I have my absentee voter’s Id with me. I got it during the renewal of my past port year 2014.
    I want to vote this coming election here in Dubai. Do I need to register? I think Oct 30 is then last day of registration.

    Waiting for your reply.Thanks

    1. Under the present system of continuing registration, a qualified person needs to register only once. This registration is permanent, unless declared otherwise by law. Registering more than once constitutes an election offense.

      However, in cases when a voter transfers residence, he needs to apply for the transfer of his registration record.

  155. Ma lourdes atutubo daquila

    I cant find my name. I already get registered on last may 2015

  156. Does my record have a biometrics?

  157. Margarita Palino Garcia

    I’m an absentee voter from Hongkong,but I came home (Philippines)now for good. How can I vote here? My address now is 1801 J.P.Laurel St.Sn.Miguel Manila.barangay 637.

    1. Luz Dimaano Navarro

      I am an overseas worker from milan, Italy. I was registered in Italy last 11 March 2015.
      I would like to know the status of my registration since I am back in the philippines for good.

  158. Benjamin Yumul Gaddi

    I am 94 years old and I received a letter from COMELEC to have my biometric. I am too old to go to intramnuros. Is there a way that i can have my biometric near my place. I live in Bacood, Sta Mesa, Manila

    1. The absence of biometrics in the voter’s registration record would cause COMELEC to deactivate the concerned registration records. When that happens, the concerned voter shall not be allowed to vote in the May 2016 elections.

  159. Just would like to ask if I will be allowed not to do another registration (latest registration for 2015) considering that I already done the usual biometrics and ID capture a few years ago. Unfortunately, I was not given the usual ID to date.

    With this, I am still allowed to vote this May 2016 election?

    Hoping for your earnest reply.

  160. Does bio-metrics is a requirement if i would like to go visit someone outside Philippines?

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