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Registration Procedure :
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From the   Official Twitter of COMELEC Philippines:

You may call  at 525-9296 to check for your precinct number

Registration Procedure :

** A qualified applicant need only to appear personally at the Office of the Election Officer (OEO), the local COMELEC office.

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** The applicant’s identity and residence will be verified. (Bring a valid ID with photograph and signature.)

** The applicant’s status of registration will also be verified.

** This may be done using a computer application at the OEO or using the on-line Precinct Finder facility in this Website.

** After a successful verification of the applicant’s identity, he (or she) shall be given three (3) copies of the application forms to fill up.

** A blank Application Form is also available for download from this Website. This form may be downloaded and printed. It may be accomplished before proceeding to the OEO to save on time. However, it should only be signed and thumbmarked before the EO.

** An online version of this is also available to help the applicant in accomplishing the form, eliminating the need for writing on the blank form in three (3) copies. After providing the required information once, the accomplished Application Form may be printed in three (3) copies already.

** The applicant’s biometrics will then be digitally captured using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM) by an authorized VRM Operator.

** An Acknowledgment Receipt will be given to the applicant afterwards.

Procedure for filing of applications :

The applicant shall personally appear before the EO, state his name and exact address, specifying the house number, name of the street, area, district, purok or sitio, and barangay where he resides, or a brief description of his residence, and present any of the following identification documents that bears applicants photograph and signature :
** Current employees identification card (ID), with the signature of the employer or authorized representative;
** Postal ID;
** Students ID or library card, signed by the school authority;
** Senior Citizens ID;
** Drivers license;
** NBI/PNP clearance;
** Passport;
** Integrated Bar of the Philippine (IBP) ID;
** License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) and;
** Any other valid ID.

In the absence of any of the abovementioned identification documents, the applicant may be identified under oath by any registered voter of the precinct, or by any of his relatives within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. No registered voter or relative shall be allowed to identify applicants more than three (3) times.

Community Tax Certificates (cedula) or certifications/ identification cards issued by barangay officials shall not be honored as valid identification documents.

If the applicant fails to establish his identity by any of the aforementioned methods/documents, he shall not be issued an application form, nor shall his pre-accomplished application form be accepted.

b) Upon establishing the identity of the applicant, the EO shall initially screen the name of the prospective applicant for registration from the National List of Registered Voters (NLRV) and National List of Deactivated Voters (NLDV). If found in any of the said lists, he shall not issue an application for registration but shall advise the applicant to apply for :
** Transfer of registration record, if the name is found in the NLRV (another district/city/municipality); or
** Reactivation/transfer with reactivation of registration record, if the name is found in the NLDV.

For this purpose, the ITD shall provide all EOs with the updated soft copy of the NLRV and the NLDV.

c) If the name does not appear in either the NLRV or NLDV, the EO shall, using the barangay precinct map, verify whether or not the address given by the applicant is located within the territorial boundary of any of the precincts within the jurisdiction of the city/municipality.

If the applicant is not a resident, the EO shall advise the applicant to proceed to the OEO of the city/municipality where he resides.

If the applicant resides within the territorial jurisdiction of the city/municipality, the EO shall :
** Inform the applicant of the qualifications and disqualifications for registration;

** Determine the precinct where the applicant belongs by referring to the barangay precinct map. The applicant shall be assigned temporarily to the mother precinct comprising his residence.

** Indicate the temporary precinct assignment of the applicant at the upper right-hand portion of the application form.The precinct assignment shall be finalized after the approval of the application. Daughter precinct(s) shall be created to accommodate approved applicants in excess of the 200-voter per precinct limit.In case of boundary dispute, the EO shall maintain the status quo.

** Issue the application form to the applicant in three (3) copies

d) Upon receipt of the application forms, the applicant shall personally accomplish the same separately in his own handwriting and submit the accomplished application forms to the EO. TITLES SUCH AS DATU, SULTAN, HADJI, BAI AND OTHER TITLES SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED.

e) For an illegitimate person whose certificate of live birth does not include a middle name, the character __ (underscore) shall be used for the middle name during the encoding of the data of the applicant.

f) In case the applicant does not know his birth date with certainty, and the EO can reasonably ascertain that the applicant is of voting age through his physical features, and other relevant indicators such as year in college and number of children, the EO shall ask the applicant to supply a date of birth to the best of his knowledge. The EO shall then write the words Section 8 (f) case on top of the date of birth or anywhere on the form. In addition, the EO shall record in his Journal the list of names of applicants who supplied their date of birth, in accordance with this provision.

If, however, the EO cannot ascertain the applicants age and the applicant does not supply his birth date, the application form shall be deemed incomplete and shall not be accepted.

g) If the applicant has a duly accomplished application form, it shall be signed and thumbmarked in the presence of the EO. In the event that the applicant has already affixed his signature and imprinted his thumbmark in the accomplished application form, the applicant shall confirm before the EO that the same are his signature and thumbmark.

h) Once the application form has been accomplished, the applicant shall return the same to the EO.

i)The EO shall ensure that the application form has been filled up correctly, completely and legibly, write down the Application Form Number, return the form to the applicant, and direct him to the VRM Operator.

The Application Form Number shall consist of four parts, as follows :
First Part -Two (2) digit province code
Second Part -Two (2) digit district/city/municipal code
Third Part – Two (2) digit VRM Number which is 30
Fourth Part – Seven (7) digit control code which shall start with the number following the last application form number assigned on August 13, 2010 registration.

j) The VRM Operator, using the Voter Registration System (VRS) shall :
** Select File -> Registration
** Type the Application Number and press Enter button
** Select Registration from the drop down menu
** Encode demographics information and capture the BIOMETRICS data of the applicant
** Save the record

Attached are the screen shots of the registration procedure hereto designated as Annex B.

Thereafter the VRM Operator shall affix his initial below the space provided for the Election Officers name and direct the applicant to the EO.

k) Upon receipt of the application, the EO shall :
** administer the oath;

If applicant refuses to take the oath the application shall not be accepted and deemed not filed.
** affix his signature in the appropriate space of the form;
** retain the three (3) copies; and
** cut the bottom portion of one copy of the application form and give it to the applicant to serve as Acknowledgment Receipt and proof of filing of his application

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