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Party : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Symbol : Bat
Name of Party Leader : Imran Khan

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Name : The name of the political party is “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf”.

Vote of No-Confidence :
(i) The Office bearers of the National and Provincial Councils can be removed through a vote of no-confidence.
(ii) A vote of no-confidence can be passed against the Chairman by not less than two-third of the total membership of the National Council. A vote of no-confidence can be passed against other office bearers by a majority of the total membership of the National Council.
(iii) A vote of no-confidence can be passed against any office bearer of a Provincial Organization by a majority of the total membership of the Provincial Council. Provided that a vote of no-confidence shall not be voted upon unless the office bearer concerned has been given at least two weeks’ notice prior to such a vote. Provided further that all members of the National and Provincial Organizations, as the case may be, including nominated ones, shall have a right to participate and exercise their votes in a vote of no-confidence. Provided further that a vote of no-confidence cannot be moved by less than one-fifth of the total members of the Council as the case may be. Provided further that if a vote of no-confidence fails against an office bearer, no fresh motion for a vote of no-confidence can be moved against him for at least a period of six months.

Term of Office :
The term of office for all the Organizations at all levels shall be four years. The process of elections of all Organizations shall be commenced one hundred and twenty days before the expiry of the term and shall be concluded thirty days before the expiry of the term. Provided that the Chairman, after consultation with the Central Executive Committee, may extend the term of office of any particular Organization in an emergent situation by a period not exceeding one year.

Selection of Party Candidates :
The Chairman, in consultation with the Provincial President, shall constitute a Provincial Parliamentary Board for each Province which shall recommend Party candidates for the National and Provincial Assemblies. The Provincial Parliamentary Board shall receive the names from the Regional Parliamentary Boards and recommend one candidate and a covering candidate to the Central Parliamentary Board headed by the Chairman. Provincial President, in consultation with the Regional Presidents, shall constitute a Parliamentary Board for each Region which shall recommend Party candidates for the National and Provincial Assemblies within the Province. Regional Parliamentary Board shall recommend at least three persons for selection as Party candidate in each constituency to the Provincial Board. All Parliamentary Boards shall be approved by the Central Executive Committee. Provided that the Parliamentary Board concerned shall give due consideration to the recommendations of the District Organization and the criteria and qualifications as laid down for selection of candidates. Provided further that the Parliamentary Board shall give preference to the candidate belonging to the middle and working classes in order to ensure participation of people across the board. However, only such persons shall be selected for nomination as Party candidates who fulfil the following qualifications
a) Whose sources of income and wealth are not based on corruption;
b) Whose standard of living is in accordance with his known sources of income;
c) Who has not obtained plots and permits through influence and bribery;
d) Who has not used his influence to get remission of loans; e) Who has not been convicted with an offence involving moral turpitude; f) Who is not known to have any affiliation with the underworld, or known to have amassed wealth from illegal and anti-social activities. g) Who shall disclose his assets and assets of his immediate family, Income earned and taxes paid before filling his nomination papers; and
h) Who has not been directly responsible for unconstitutional acts violating the independence of the Judiciary. All these qualifications are in addition to and not in substitution of the qualifications provided for the membership of the Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies under the Constitution and the laws of Pakistan. In case of any objection to the qualification of a candidate, the matter will be resolved by the Scrutiny Committee appointed by the Chairman for the purpose

Responsibilities of Organizations :
All Organizations of the Party shall, within their respective jurisdictions, act in advancement of the aims and objectives of the Party.

Funds :
Membership fees shall be retained by the Provincial Organizations. All Organizations at various levels shall, however, have the authority to require the lower Organizations to contribute a portion of their income to their funds as and when such necessity arises. To maintain the independence of the Party and to finance the implementation of its aims, objectives and programmes, the Central and Provincial Executive Committees shall authorize fund-raising activities to meet the financial targets. Proper accounts of the funds shall be maintained which shall be audited by the auditors appointed by the Central and Provincial Executive Committees.

Fund-raising :
There shall be fund-raising committees for the Centre and Provinces to be nominated by the Chairman and Provincial Presidents respectively. These fund-raising committees shall function in accordance with the instructions issued by the CEC and respective PECs. The fund-raising committees shall present reports to the CEC or respective PECs biannually. Secretary Finance, at the Centre and the Provinces, shall be the ex-officio members of the concerned fund-raising committees

Eminent Pakistanis:
The party will offer from time to time to eminent Pakistanis a role from its platform to shape the destiny of the nation by seeking their guidance and leadership. Such eminent Pakistanis will be requested to participate in the highest policy making forums of the party which include the Central Executive Committee and the Core Group, where they can express their opinion, offer guidelines and advice on all important issues and may use their right to vote. Their advisory role would be of utmost importance to the party in shaping and formulating national policies. These eminent persons would also become spokespersons for expressing party’s views on important issues

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