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Organization : Electoral Commission of South Africa
Type of Facility : How to Search Councillor
Country: South Africa

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How to Search Councillor :
Website :

Who is my Councillor? :
Get the contact details of your Ward Councillor using one of the options below
** SMS your ID number to 32245 (R1 per SMS sent or received)

Search by ward :
** Select province, municipality and ward to view ward councillor details.

Search by ID number :
Enter ID number:
Enter Verification Code.

To protect your privacy please enter the numbers shown above.
Please enable images on your browser.

Voting aid for voters with disabilities and special needs ;
The Electoral Commission (IEC), together with the South African National Council for the Blind (SANCB), has developed a voting aid, the Universal Ballot Template (UBT), to assist persons with disabilities and special needs to have an independent and secret vote during elections.

The UBT can be used by :
** Blind and partially-sighted people
** Low-vision users
** People who are dyslexic
** The elderly
** People with low literacy
** People with motor and nervous conditions which do not allow for a steady hand

Election types :
National and Provincial Elections :
South Africa’s national and provincial elections take place every five years.

Voters vote for a political party, not individuals. The political party then gets a share of seats in Parliament in direct proportion to the number of votes it got in the election. Each party then decides on members to fill the seats it has won. This is called a proportional representation (PR) voting system.

National government makes and carries out laws and policies for the whole country.
It is made up of :
** Parliament led by the Speaker
** National Government led by the President and Ministers

Provincial government makes and carries out laws and policies that affect the province only.
It is made up of :
** Legislature (the laws of the country) led by the Speaker
** Provincial Government led by the Premier and Members of the Executive Council (MECs)

Democratic national and provincial elections have taken place every five years starting in 1994.

Municipal By-Elections :
By-elections take place within 90 days after a municipal ward council seat becomes vacant due to death, expulsion or resignation of a ward councillor.

National office :
Telephone: +27 (0)12 622 5700
Election House
Riverside Office Park
1303 Heuwel Avenue

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