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Party : Pakistan People’s Alliance Party
Name of Party Leader : Amir Choudhry,

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Our Mission & Objectives :
Moving Pakistan Forward:
** The political crisis in Pakistan caused by our corrupt leaders who has undermined the bond of trust between the people and the politicians So this cannot, and will not, be a ?business as usual?, In this Manifesto we set out plans to address the main future challenges we face in our economy, our society and our politics. We will rebuild the economy to secure the recovery and invest in future growth and jobs.
** We will renew our society to further strengthen the communities that bind our country together. and we will restore trust in politics with greater transparency and accountability.
** At a time of almost unprecedented international financial uncertainty, the Pakistan People Alliance (PPA) today outlines our vision for the future of Pakistan economy, our new economic policy “Creating Economic Opportunities for All”. Our policy will give all Pakistan the opportunity to take charge of their own lives and make the most of their potential.
** We see a future in which the government and the private sector work together in partnership to grow an economy ripe with opportunities for all, most especially for the unemployed Pakistani, who have been denied access to jobs and life changing opportunities. In our vision, every citizen of Pakistan has an opportunity to move forward to a more prosperous future.

Securing Pakistan Future:
Priority Issues :
1. In The Face Of Global Financial Crisis, Maintenance Of Economic Stability And Control Over Commodity Price Hike.
i. Commodity Price Hike: Measures will be taken to reduce the unbearable burden of price hike and keep it in tune with the purchasing power of the people. After giving the highest priority to the production of domestic commodities, arrangements will be made for timely import to ensure food security. A multi-prong drive will be made to control prices along with monitoring the market. Hoarding and profiteering syndicates will be eliminated. Extortion will be stopped. An institution for commodity price control and consumer protection will be set up. Above all, price reduction and stability will be achieved by bringing equilibrium between demand and supply of commodities.
ii. Global Financial Crisis: It is necessary to urgently form a task force which will devise a policy to save Pakistan from global meltdown, develop a comprehensive information centre, continually monitor national and global situations and provide prompt advice to help take necessary decisions. Necessary steps would be taken for investment promotion, energy security, retaining and enhancing domestic demand, safeguarding value of money, assisting exports and continuing export of manpower.

2. Effective Action against Corruption: Multi-pronged measures to fight corruption will be put into place. Powerful people will have to submit wealth statement annually. Strict measures will be taken to eliminate bribe, extortion, and corruption. Strong measures will be taken against those having unearned and black money, against loan defaulters, tender manipulators, and users of muscle power in every stage of state and society. Discretionary power of officials will be curtailed. To establish peoples’ right, citizens? charter will be introduced in every department. Opportunities for corruption will be eliminated or minimized through widespread computerization.

3. Power and Energy:
i. a comprehensive long term policy on electricity and energy will be adopted. Economic usage of oil, gas, coal, hydro power, wind power and solar energy will be ensured. Big and small power generation stations, coal extraction, and oil and gas exploration will be given priority. Under a three year crash program quick implementation of ongoing and under consideration power generation stations, import of electricity from neighbouring countries, arranging 100/150 megawatt gas turbine projects on urgent basis, and the reactivation of the past AL initiatives for constructing 10, 20 and 30 megawatt power stations will be undertaken. A schedule for repair, maintenance and overhauling or salvaging of old power stations will be made to increase and stabilize power production. Supply of gas and LPG will be increased. Nuclear Power Project will be implemented.
ii. Priority will be given to exploration and exploitation of oil and new gas fields. Arrangements will be made to supply gas in the north and western regions of the country. Supply of gas and LPG will be significantly increased.
iii. A Coal Policy will be formulated safeguarding national interest. Special initiatives will be taken to ensure economic use of the coal available so far and also to develop coal-based power plants. Priorities will be given to the exploration and exploitation of new coal fields and other mineral resources.

4. Elimination of Poverty and Inequity: The following strategy and aims will be followed for economic development.
i. The main strategy of poverty reduction will canter on bringing vibrancy in agriculture and rural life. Social safety net will be extended for the ultra-poor. Poverty level and proportion of ultra-poor will be brought down to 25% and 15% respectively. In order to achieve this objective, among other steps will be the revival of previously adopted projects such as ?rural housing, ideal village and returning homes. Employment Banks will encourage young entrepreneurs by supplying necessary capital.
ii. Employment guidelines: A comprehensive employment guideline will be formulated aiming at poverty reduction, solving unemployment problem and making citizens? lives meaningful. The core components of the guidelines will be:

a. creating employment opportunities in rural economy
b. providing credit and training for self-employment
c. creating employment opportunities for wage-labour in industries
d. promoting sub-contracting arrangements between big and small & medium scale industries and
e. providing special training arrangements for facilitating export of labour.

Contact Us :
Pakistan: P.O.Box 1795 GPO Islamabad.
Tel:+ 0794 40 83670 (UK) Amir Choudhry
Tel: + 92 (0) 334 444 8081 (Pak)

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