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Organization : Electoral Commission of South Africa
Type of Facility : How to Check About Re-Registration
Country: South Africa

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How to Check About Re-Registration :
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Moved since you registered? :
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If you have moved home (even a short distance) since you registered, your voting district and voting station may have changed and you may need to re-register.
: During municipal and by-elections, you can only vote at the voting station where you’re registered to vote, so it’s essential to re-register when you move.

How do I know if I need to re-register? :
If you have moved a short distance, it’s possible that you are still in the same voting district and don’t need to re-register. If you have moved a long distance, you most likely will need to register again.

To find out if you need to re-register :
** Check your voter registration details and make a note of your voting station and voting district number.

** Go to our voting station finder and search for your current home address. On the map, locate the voting district number (blue digits within the green borders of your district – see below). Compare the voting district number here to your registration details – if they’re not the same, you need to re-register in your new voting district.

** Apply for registration in your new voting district at your new voting station during a registration weekend (takes place in the months before a major election), or at the local IEC office responsible for your voting district during office hours (please phone first to make an appointment).

Important: Please note that you can’t register at our national or provincial offices, only the local IEC offices.

** Wait at least 7 days and then check your voter registration details again to make sure your voting district and voting station have changed.

Please note: Voting station venues may change, so please check your registration details to confirm your voting station before going there to register (only during special registration weekends) or vote.

How do I re-register? :
The process for re-registration is exactly the same as registration

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