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Service Name : Voting on Election Day 2020
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Election Date : November 3, 2020
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USA Voting on Election Day

Please note important, possible changes to polling places and election dates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Can I Vote Online?

No, in federal elections in the United States you can’t vote online. In most elections in the United States, you either need to vote in-person at an official polling place or by casting an absentee ballot.

Find Your Polling Place

Your polling place is where you go to vote on Election Day. Find out where yours is located, its hours, and if you can change your polling place.

Many voters with disabilities rely on in-person voting at accessible polling places. Voters with language barriers often depend on the help of interpreters at the polls.

Changes to polling places are possible due to the coronavirus. These may include different locations, layouts, procedures, and availability of translators.

Voter ID Requirements

Two-thirds of states expect you to provide identification to let you vote at the polls.

Procedure For Voting Without ID

Even if you don’t have a form of ID that your state asks for, you may be able to vote. Some states require you take extra measures after you vote to make sure that your vote counts.

Some states may ask you to sign a form affirming your identity. Other states will let you cast a provisional ballot. States use provisional ballots when there is a question about a voter’s eligibility. States keep provisional ballots separate until they decide whether they should count.

To do so, they will investigate a voter’s eligibility. They may also compel you to show an acceptable form of ID within a few days. If you don’t, your provisional ballot won’t count.

Election Dates

Many states have postponed elections due to the coronavirus pandemic. These include presidential primary elections, primary and general elections for statewide offices, and local elections. Check with your state or local election office or the U.S. Vote Foundation for the dates of rescheduled elections.

The next federal election will be Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It will include voting for president and vice-president, 1/3 of the Senate, and all of the House of Representatives. State and local races will also be on the ballot in many areas.

Federal elections take place every two years, on even-numbered years. State and local elections can occur at other times throughout the year. This includes primary and special elections. Check with your state or local election office or the U.S. Vote Foundation for elections coming up in your area and to see if you can vote early or by absentee ballot.

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  1. I want to vote by mail and want to know how I can do this;

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