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Connecticut Online Voter Registration System USA :

Organisation : Connecticut
Facility Name : Online Voter Registration System
Country : United States of America (USA)
Website :

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Connecticut Voter Registration

The State of Connecticut Online Voter Registration System.

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Online Voter Registration

Register to Vote Online :

Voting Eligibility

Am I eligible to vote?
** Are you at least 17 and turning 18 before Election Day?
** Are you a United States citizen living in Connecticut?
** If you have been convicted of a felony, have you completed confinement and parole? (More details)

If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, you are eligible to register to vote in Connecticut.

What if I moved recently?
** You will have to update your voter registration to reflect your new address.
** If you moved to Connecticut from another state, if you moved to a different town within Connecticut, or even if you moved within the same town, your polling location may have changed.
** Your voter registration should always reflect your current home address.

What if I am a student?
If you are a college student living away from home, you may choose to vote in one of two ways:
** Either complete an absentee ballot for the election in your home town
** OR
** Register to vote in your college town


Voter Registration Deadline

** Voter registration deadlines vary depending on the election.
** However, Connecticut now offers Election Day Registration.
** If you miss the deadline for registering for an election, you can register and vote in person on Election Day at your town’s Election Day Registration location.
** Contact your local registrars of voters for information about location, hours of operation, and ID requirements.

Absentee Voting:
When Applications May Be Made:
** Beginning on the 31st day before an election
** Beginning on the 21st day before a primary

Voter Registration Procedure:
Application must be postmarked by the 5th day before a primary (OR received by your Registrar of Voters or a voter registration agency by the 5th day before a primary). You may apply in person to your town clerk or registrar until 12:00 noon on the last business day before a primary.

Your application must be postmarked or received by a voter registration agency by the 7th day before an election (OR you may register in person with your Registrar of Voters by the 7th day before an election).

Privileges attach immediately upon approval of the application by the registrar, unless:
** the application is delivered in person to the registrar after the seven day before an election in person voter registration deadline or
** mailed or postmarked to the registrar or a voter registration agency after the 7-day mail in registration deadline before an election, or
** the application is made to a voter registration agency, made other than in person to the registrar, or postmarked, after the fifth day before a primary, or
** made in person to the registrar after 12 noon of the last business day before a primary.

3 Months Before Primary.
Last day that enrolled elector can transfer from one party to another or, if unaffiliated electors are permitted to vote in a party primary, to erase from a party, and be eligible to vote in municipal primary of new party.

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