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Voting Process :
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Voting Process :
** The voter announces his/her name and address and gives the Election Officer identification when arriving at the Officers’ Table.

** The Election Officer checks the person’s name and address against the District Register or Poll List. If everything is correct, the Election Officer places the elector’s name and serial number in the “To Whom” Register and has the voter sign his/her Signature The Election Officer records the elector numerical position on the back of the voter registration card or list and send the elector to the end of the line of persons waiting to vote.

** If the voter does not show proper identification, he/she shall complete an affidavit of affirmation that he/she is the person listed in the District Register or on the Poll List before being permitted to vote.

** If the voter is challenged for identity or residency, the Election Officers shall thereupon read to and afterwards administer to the person challenged an oath. If he takes the oath prescribed his vote shall be received, otherwise his vote shall be rejected.

** No voter may remain in the voting machine for longer than five minutes except for good and sufficient reason.

** No voter shall re-enter a voting machine after casting his/her ballot.

** No voter shall communicate with any person in the polling place except for the Election Officers.

** A voter may not be accompanied in the polling place and voting machine by a minor child.

** Persons who are not permitted to vote at that polling place as provided by law may cast a Provisional Ballot

** If you want to make a write-in vote, press the WRITE-IN button located in the block for that office. After you press the WRITE-IN button, the red button located above the ballot will begin to flash.

** Press the flashing red button located above the ballot. The WRITEIN window will open.

IMPORTANT: Once you have pressed the flashing red button, you MUST cast your vote for that office by writing in the name of the person for whom you want to vote.

After the WRITE-IN window has opened, neatly print the full name of the person for whom you want to vote on the paper tape.

When you are finished printing the name of the person for whom you wish to vote, gently pull the WRITE-IN window down until it is closed

** Members of the District Boards of Elections and Management staff.
** The Election Official and related personnel.
** Authorized Poll Watchers as provided by law.
** Persons voting or waiting to vote, or persons permitted to provide the voter assistance.
** Other persons necessary to the conduct of the election as determined by unanimous consent of the Judges and Inspector.

** Persons shall not give or offer to give any elector any money or thing of value as compensation, inducement, or reward for registering to vote, not registering to vote, for voting or not voting, or for voting in a particular manner.

** Persons shall not fake a physical disability in order to have persons of their choice provide them assistance in voting.

** Election Officers shall not attempt to influence, persuade, intimidate, bribe or coerce any elector in any manner that would affect for whom the elector votes.

** No person shall attempt to vote in the name of another person whether the other person is living, dead or fictitious.

** No person shall vote or attempt to vote more than once in any election.

** No person shall fraudulently cast any ballot.

** Election Officers shall not make any false entries on election records.

** No person shall change or alter another person’s ballot, or otherwise defraud an elector of his/her vote.

** No person shall steal, destroy or hide any registration or election

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