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Voters Rights & Responsibilities :
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Voters Rights & Responsibilities :
1. Any United States citizen who is a qualified elector in the Virgin Islands is entitled to vote without regard to race or color with no literacy tests employed.

2. No person shall fail or refuse to permit any person to vote who is entitled to vote.

3. Electors shall not be intimidated, threatened or coerced for voting for any person.

4. A provisional ballot may be cast by a person in the Virgin Islands if the name does not appear in the District Register or on the official of registered voters.

5. Electors casting provisional ballots shall be provided written information at the time of voting regarding how to ascertain whether the vote was counted, and if not, why not.

6. Any blind or physically disabled person may bring as many as one persons of their choosing into the voting booth to provide any needed assistance to vote.

7. Should an elector request assistance after entering the voting booth, two Election Officers shall jointly provide the requested assistance without influencing the voter and shall leave the voting machine before the voter registers his/her vote.

8. Electors can submit a formal complaint regarding alleged violations of Title III of the Help America Vote Act that have occurred, are occurring, or are about to occur through the Administrative Complaint Procedure.

9. Electors shall not vote in the name of another person and shall not vote more than once.

10. No person or corporation shall hinder, coerce, control or intimidate any qualified elector in the exercise of the right to vote.

11. A registered voter who has moved or changed his/her name without notifying the Election System of the Virgin Islands in their district may vote at the polling place at which they appear on the day of the election with proof of having moved.

NOTICE: Contact the Board of Elections in the election district, the Supervisor of Elections, or the Islands Department of Justice, or the US Attorney’s Office if you believe that your rights have been violated.

1. A person claiming to be properly registered in the Virgin Islands and eligible to vote at a specific election district, but whose eligibility to vote at that location cannot be determined, shall be entitled to vote a Provisional Ballot as provided by law.

2. Election Officers in the polling place shall inform a person who desires to vote a Provisional Ballot of the location of his/her correct polling place.

3. Persons voting a Provisional Ballot shall present proof of identity and address to the Election Officers.

4. The voter shall complete the affidavit on the Provisional Ballot Envelope and affirm the right to vote. Upon completion of the affidavit, an Election Officer shall sign the space provided as witness to the person’s signature. The Election Officer shall write the affidavit number on the instruction sheet to be given to the voter.

5. The Election Officer shall give the voter his/her ballot, a ballot envelope, Provisional Ballot envelope, the ballots and an instruction sheet. The voter shall then be provided a location for marking the

6. After voting the Provisional Ballot, the voter shall fold the ballot, put it into the ballot envelope and then put the ballot envelope into the Provisional Ballot Envelope, seal the Provisional Ballot Envelope and place it in the ballot box.

7. Should a voter “spoil” his/her ballot, upon request he/she shall be given another ballot upon surrendering the “spoiled” ballot.

8. The Information Sheet includes instructions on how a voter may determine whether or not his/her ballot was counted, and if not counted, the reason that it was not counted.

9. If Territorial Court or another court of competent jurisdiction orders that some or all polling places in a diatrict remain open beyond the normal time for closing, all persons who arrive to vote at the polling place(s) ordered to be kept open after the normal time for closing shall vote by Provisional Ballot

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