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Where Can I Vote For Council of States :
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Where can I vote for the Council of States? :
You can vote from the convenience of your home, by mail (or by internet, where possible). You can also go to the polling station.

Polling station :
The traditional way of voting is to go to the polling station of your commune and cast your vote in the ballot box. You need to take along your polling card and a piece of ID just in case.

Polling stations are usually open two of the four days before the polling day. Information about opening hours of the polling stations of your commune will be included in the voting documents sent to you.

Many communes also have a letterbox where you can drop off the envelope with your ballot at any time up until the date and time indicated in your voting documents.

By post :
Voting by post is an option in all cantons. You will receive the voting documents including an envelope for your ballot at least ten days before the election. You must use this envelope only for your ballot. Place your completed ballot and your signed polling card in the envelope (the canton of Basel Stadt is the only canton that does not require a signature).

Make sure you bear in mind postal delivery times so that your vote arrives at the commune in time:

** If you send your envelope by priority A post, you need to post it by Wednesday 14 October.

** If you send your envelope by economy B post, you need to post it by Tuesday 13 October.

Electronic voting :
The e-voting “Vote électronique” project has been running in Switzerland since 2000. E-voting allows Swiss citizens to cast their vote online in elections and votes, instead of going to a polling station or voting by post. Currently, the project mainly involves Swiss citizens living abroad; in October 2015, some citizens resident in Switzerland will also be able to cast their vote online. Detailed information will be published in due course, and your cantonal chancellery will send you the necessary information.

Can I vote in the Council of States? :
If you want to vote in the elections, you must meet certain requirements. Here you will also find information for Swiss citizens living abroad.

General election to the National Council: voting materials for the Swiss abroad :
Swiss citizens living abroad who are registered to vote will receive the voting materials they need for the National Council elections on 18 October 2015 by post.

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