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Mississippi Secretary of State Elections & Voter ID FAQs :

Organisation : Mississippi Secretary of State
Service Name : Elections & Voter ID FAQs
State : Mississippi
Country : United States of America
Website :

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SOS Mississippi Elections

The Elections division has many roles in assuring that Mississippians’ voices are heard clearly through the election process. These roles include training elections officials, collecting campaign finance and lobbying reports, managing the statewide vot?er registry, collecting election returns, and assisting local election officials in carrying out their election related responsibilities.

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The Agency has consistently advocated for transparency and disclosure of public information filed with the Elections Division related to officials, candidates, and lobbyists. Voters’ social security numbers, birthdates, and other private information, however, is not available to the public under Mississippi law. Please be on notice the Agency will not release this information in response to a public records request from any entity or individual?.

FAQ & Answers

Where do I register to vote?
You can register to vote at your Circuit Clerk’s office, your Municipal Clerk’s office, when you get your driver’s license at the Department of Public Safety, or through the mail by downloading a voter registration form from our website and mailing it to your Circuit Clerk. Keep in mind that first time, mail-in, unverified registrants must show ID the first time they go to the polls.

How do I contact my Circuit Clerk?
Refer to the list of clerks’ contact information

Where do I vote?
Please contact your Circuit Clerk or the Elections Hotline at 1-800-829-6786.

Who are my elected officials?
Refer to the list of clerks’ contact information

How do I get an absentee ballot if I am overseas or serving in the military outside my home state?
The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) provides for certain provisions to assist voters in these categories to receive and return their absentee ballot in time to be counted on election day.

UOCAVA Voters – Please contact your Circuit Clerk to request an absentee ballot for any upcoming special elections your County may be having this year.

County Circuit Clerks – Contact Information:
Contact our office if you have any questions about upcoming elections.

When do voters have to start showing a photo ID to vote?
Individuals voting at the polls are required to show a photo ID. Individuals voting in person by absentee ballot inside the Circuit Clerk’s Office are also required to show a photo ID.

What forms of photo ID are required on Election Day?
Any of the following photo IDs may be used:

** A driver’s license
** A photo ID issued by a branch, department or entity of the State of Mississippi
** A United States passport
** A government employee ID card
** A firearms license
** A student photo ID issued by an accredited Mississippi university, college or community/junior college
** A United States military ID
** A tribal photo ID
** Any other photo ID issued by any branch, department, agency or entity of the United States government or any State government
** A Mississippi Voter Identification Card

May a voter use an expired photo ID on Election Day?
Yes, as long as it is an acceptable form of photo ID (see list above) and is not more than ten (10) years old. The expired ID must contain the name and photograph of the voter, and have been validly issued by the federal or a state government.

Who may a voter contact if he/she has questions about the photo ID requirement?
Please call the Secretary of State’s Voter ID Hotline at 1-844-678-6837, visit or email

Who is exempt from the photo ID requirements?
** Voters who vote an absentee ballot by mail, fax or email
** Voters with religious objections to being photographed
** Any registered voter who resides at a state-licensed care facility and who votes in person at a polling place located in that state-licensed care facility

What happens if a voter does not have a photo ID on Election Day?
A voter who does not have photo ID on Election Day will be asked to vote by affidavit ballot at the polling place. The voter will then have five (5) business days to show an acceptable form of photo ID, or apply for a Mississippi Voter ID Card, at the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

What if the voter does not have any of the acceptable forms of photo ID?
FREE Mississippi Voter ID Cards are available at any Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Who qualifies for a FREE Mississippi Voter Identification Card?
Any eligible voter who does NOT have an acceptable form of photo ID qualifies for a FREE Mississippi Voter Identification Card


Simply EMAIL us at MSVoterID@SOS.MS.GOV or call 1-844-MSVOTER and let us know how we can help.

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