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REO HK Change of Registration

This application form is for a registered elector reporting change in particulars. If you are not a registered elector and wish to be registered in a geographical constituency, you must complete the application form “Application for New Voter Registration (Geographical Constituencies) (REO -1) instead of this application form.


The final register of electors will be published in September in a year in which District Council Ordinary Election is to be held (i.e. District Council Election year), while for a year which is not a District Council Election year, the final register of electors will be published in July. In this regard, the statutory deadlines for registered electors to report on change of residential address or other personal particulars are as follows:

District Council Election year: 2 June*
Non District Council Election year: 2 April*

You may check your latest registration particulars through Online Voter Information Enquiry System ( or calling the Registration and Electoral Office’s Enquiry Hotline (2891 1001). Electors have the responsibility to update their registration particulars with the Registration and Electoral Office as soon as possible if the particulars like residential address have changed.

*These deadlines are different from the statutory deadlines for applications for new registration.

The above deadlines refer to the dates on which an application reaches the Registration and Electoral Office. Applications which reach this office later than the above dates will be considered for the purpose of compiling the register of electors for the following year.

If you have not received any reply from the Registration and Electoral Office 14 days after submission of this application form, you may call the Enquiry Hotline 2891 1001 to check the progress of your application.


Generally, you are eligible to be registered as an elector in a geographical constituency if:
(a) you are a permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as defined by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passports Ordinance (Cap. 539); and

(b) you ordinarily reside in Hong Kong; and

(c) you have reached 18 years of age or will reach 18 years of age on or before 25 September (for District Council Election year) OR 25 July (for Non District Council Election year) next following your application for registration; and

(d) you hold an identity document, e.g. a Hong Kong permanent identity card; and
(e) you are not subject to any disqualification from registration (Note 6).

For enquiries on permanent resident status, please call the Immigration Department hotline: 2824 6111

Generally, persons who are disqualified from registration include persons who:
(a) are found under the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136) to be incapable, by reason of mental incapacity, of managing and administering their property and affairs;
(b) are members of any armed forces.

Address Proof

(a) You will be allocated to the Legislative Council geographical constituency and the District Council constituency to which you belong according to your residential address which should be your only or principal residence in Hong Kong, i.e. a dwelling-place in Hong Kong at which you reside and which constitutes your sole or main home.

The residential address will be provided to the candidates of the constituencies concerned for the purpose of sending election advertisement.

(b) Please notify the Electoral Registration Officer by completing this application form and attaching your address proof issued within the last three months for any subsequent change of residential address as this might entail a consequential change of the constituency to which you belong.

(c) The Registration and Electoral Office accepts the documents below issued within the last three months (date of receipt by the Registration and Electoral Office will be adopted as the form submission date), which bear the issuing date and name of issuing organisation as a valid proof of address:

One of the following documents bearing the elector’s name and principal residential address (name and address printed on the document should be identical to those given in the application form)-
1. bills or invoices issued by public bodies (e.g. utility bills for water, electricity or towngas services);
2. correspondences from government departments or the Judiciary;
3. statements or correspondences issued by banks, insurance companies or Mandatory Provident Fund Approved Trustees;
4. bills of landline telephone, mobile phone, paid television or internet services;
5. documents or bills issued by local post-secondary institutions which reliance can be placed on confirming the elector’s residential address;

6. valid and “stamped” (for stamp duty) tenancy agreement (the criterion of being issued within 3 months before the date of submitting the application is not mandatory but such tenancy should cover the date of application); or

7. bills, correspondences or other documents issued by public organisations such as the Hospital Authority, Housing Department, Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, etc; or

(d) The Registration and Electoral Office accepts the original copy, photocopy or fax copy of the above mentioned documents as valid proof of address.

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