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All posts from Posting of Preliminary List of Electors Parliamentary Elections 2015 : Trinidad & Tobago

Organisation : Elections & Boundaries Commission
Facility : Posting of Preliminary List of Electors
Country : Trinidad and Tobago

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Posting of Preliminary List of Electors :
Home Page :

1936 Diana’s Mini Mart
Lp41, Calvary Hill, Arima.
Home On The Hill Bar
Lp25, Carib Circular, Calvary Hill, Arima.

1937 Anthony Williams Dry Goods Enterprise
Lp24, Mt Pleasant Road, Arima
KC Mini Mart
Lp32 Mt Pleasant Road, Arima

1938 Cisco Reyes Mini Mart
#28, Calvary Road, Arima
Jaaz Delight’s
Faria Street, Calvary Hill, Arima

1946 Triple S Restaurant & Bar
Lp36, Calvary Hill, Arima
Julian Guevarra’s Parlour
Lp34, Calvary Hill, Arima

1961 Authentic Flags
Lp43, #76 O’Meara Road, Arima
Gary’s Bar
Lp48, Mendez Trace & O’Meara Road, Arima

1965 Malabar Snack Shop
#8, Banyan Boulevard, Phase 1, Malabar, Arima
Granger’s Mini Mart
#4, Poui Lane, Phase 1, Malabar, Arima

1966 The People’s Agri Centre
Opp Lp95, Tumpuna Road, Arima.
Pro Sports Bar
56, Malabar Ext. Road, Malabar, Arima.

1967 Francis Mini Mart
#52, Pommegranate Ave, Phase 1,
Malabar, Arima.
Hecg’s Mini Mart
#36, Mahogany Dr, Phase 1, Malabar, Arima.

1968 Silima Lochan’s Parlour
227, Roland Cleveland, Phase 4, Sec 1,
Malabar, Arima.
Malabar Fresh Produce
Lot 41, Gloria Mc Clean, Phase 4, Sec 1,
Malabar, Arima.

1969 Anna’s Mini Mart
323, Eustace Draper, Phase 4, Sec 2,
Malabar, Arima.
P.A.B Parts & Services
#401, Simon Ferreira, Phase 4, Sec 2,
Malabar, Arima.

1970 Lucy’s Parlour
#72, Bellbird Ave, Phase 3, Malabar, Arima
Rambally’s Parlour
#208, Heron Ave, Phase 3, Malabar, Arima

1971 Samuel’s Variety Store
#108, Subero Street Ext, Malabar, Arima
Boyaer’s Shop
Lp25, Subero Street Ext, Malabar, Arima
(Out of PD)

1972 Hernandez’s Café
#303, All Stars Crescent, Phase 2,
Malabar, Arima.
Campbell’s Mini Mart
#285, All Stars Crescent, Phase 2,
Malabar, Arima

1973 Bobb’s Café
#48, Malabar Ext Road, Malabar, Arima.
Louis Prosperity Mart
#88, Malabar Road, Malabar, Arima

1975 Rising Sun Recreation Club
#41, Lp26 Malabar Road, Arima
R&S Radiator Services
Lp19, Malabar Road, Arima

1976 T&T Coin Laundry Mart
#4, Corner Malabar Branch Road
and Malabar Road, Arima
Marko’s Recreation Club
Henri Street, Cocorite Road, Arima.

1977 Little India Recreation Club
Opp Lp33, Corner Ackbarali Street East
and Malabar Road, Arima
Prince Café
Lp36, Malabar Road, Arima

1978 Boyaer’s Shop
Lp25, Subero Street Ext, Malabar, Arima
Jin Foo Chinese Restaurant
#28A, Malabar Road, Arima

1979 Prodigal’s Bar
Lp54, La Chance Trace, O’Meara Road, Arima
O’Meara Boys Bar
#21, O’Meara Road, Arima

1980 Mungroo’s Shop
#4, Aleong Street, Malabar Road, Arima
Diranie Ragoo Bar
#6, Malabar Road, Arima

1981 Harrinanan’s Mini Mart
Lp12, Malabar Road, Arima
L&L Mini Mart
#17, Malabar Road, Arima

1982 Tumpuna Pharmacy Ltd
Lp46, Tumpuna Road, Arima
Earlise Garraway Parlour
Lp52, Pope Ave, Tumpuna Road, Arima

1983 L’s General Supplies Store
#4, Tumpuna Road, Arima
Spots Bar
Lp70, Malabar Ext Road, Malabar, Arima

1985 Copy Plus Printers Ltd
#8A, Pro Queen Street, Arima
Green Ranch Mini Mart
#26, Providence Circular, Arima

1990 Singh’s Tyre Shop
#1, Corner Churchill Circular and
Eastern Main Road, Arima
VS Mini Mart
#1, Victory Street, Arima

1991 Coffeeroma
#7, Industry Street, Arima
Lyn’s Shop,
#1 Beckles Lane, Arima

1995 De Freitas Shop
#11, Clarke Boulevard, Mausica Lands, Arima
Hillside Café
#1, Mausica Street, Arima

1996 Foster’s Café
#4, Church Street, Arima
Jonestown Market
Lp50, Sanchez Street Ext, Arima

2000 The Mas Camp
Corner Hosein Street and
Longden Street, Arima.
Baldwin’s Auto Supplies- De Gannes
Street, Arima.

2005 Puja & Variety Store
#61, Guanapo Street, Arima
Day & Night Tyre Service &
Alignment Centre
#33, Guanapo Street, Arima

2010 Yummy’s Bakery
#31, Guanapo Street, Arima.
Kam Fu Chinese Restaurant
#50, Broadway, Arima.

2015 K. Chang’s General Store
#15, Broadway Street Arima
Prince Street, Arima.

2020 Orange One Stop Shop
#22, St. Joseph Street, Arima.
Ionic Mechanic Lodge
Broadway, Arima.

2025 Classic Launderers & Dry Cleaners Ltd
#23, Devenish Street, Arima
#6, Corner Queen and Farfan Street, Arima

2030 John Choo Ying’s Mini Mart & Bar
#52, Broadway, Arima
Nelson Seow’s Shop
Guanapo Street, Arima

2035 Rodney’s Grocery
#71-72, Cocorite Street, Arima
Robinaire Air Conditioning & General Services
#92, Eastern Main Road, Orange Flats, Arima

2040 Jel Enterprises
#36A, Pro Queen Street, Arima
Dianne’s Bakery
Nelson Street, Arima

2041 Prestige Quick Shop
#21, Robert Street, Arima
Havanna Recreation Club
#19A, Nelson Street, Arima

2045 Maryse Bernard-Cumberbatch Mini Mart-
#5, Bernard Street , Walter Lane,
Tumpuna Road, Arima.
Mary’s Mini Mart
Lp36, Tumpuna Road, Arima

2046 L’s General Supplies Stores
#4, Tumpuna Road, Arima. (Out of PD)
Arima Rehabilitation Centre
(Security Booth) Lp62, Tumpuna Road, Arima

2047 D’Corner Café
Lp67, Tumpuna Road, Arima.
Plant and Reap Agri Plus Centre Ltd
Lp89, Tumpuna Road, Arima

2091 Supreeme Restaurant & Bar
#99, Opp Lp20 Cocorite Street, Arima
Fiddler’s Dream Mini Mart
#77, Cocorite Street, Arima

2096 Calderon’s Travellers Café
#34, Eastern Main Road, Maturita Village, Arima
Shelley’s Mini Mart
Lp49G, Bye Pass Road, Arima

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