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Organisation : Electoral Commission
Facility : Voting Process
Applicable For : Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
Country : Antigua and Barbuda
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ABEC Voting Process

In order to vote in Antigua and Barbuda, you must be a duly registered elector. This means that your name must appear on a Register for Elections. You require your electoral identification card in order to vote. No other identification is needed.

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You will enter the polling station and you will present your electoral identification card to the Presiding Officer. The voters list is then checked by the poll clerks and polling agents (representatives of political parties) to ensure that your name and picture is on it.

The Presiding Officer will then check your right index finger to ensure that there is no stain or ink. A ballot will be stamped with the official seal. After being given instructions on how to fold the ballot, you will be handed the ballot.

You will then proceed to the voting booth and cast your vote.

You will return to the Presiding Officer who will instruct you to dip your right index finger into the electoral ink. When that is completed, you will place your ballot in the ballot box and exit the polling station.

Voting Requirements

According to Section 33 (1) of ROPA (Amendment) Act 2001, “All persons voting as electors at an election shall do so in person at the polling station allotted to them under rules made under this Act except in so far as this section makes exceptions for those unable or likely be unable to do so in person at the polling station for one of the following reasons-

** that person’s service as a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Police Force or the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force;
** that person is employed as an election officer or polling agent on the date of the poll for a purpose connected with the elections

According to Section 33(2) of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2001, “Any person mentioned in paragraph (i) of section (1) may vote by proxy if he applies to be treated as an absent voter and furnishes in such manner as may be prescribed by regulations the name and address of some person within Antigua and Barbuda whom he wishes to act as proxy to him

Voting FAQs

What do I need in order to vote?
You need your valid electoral identification card.

Where do I vote?
You vote in your constituency at a polling station.

Who can vote?
Duly registered electors can vote. Your name must appear on a Register.

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