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Party : Pakistan Conservative Party
Symbol : Torch
Name of Party Leader : Danish Channa

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Main Objective :
An invitation to General Public especially youth to join PCP to build the Great Society:
** We need change in our economy to bring down the debt, change in our society to encourage more responsibility and we need Political reform to make the system more transparent and accountable.
** We are setting out a bold new vision to achieve this change
** This invitation to join the Pakistan Conservative Party;
** All citizen of Pakistan are invited to pull together with a new sense of national purpose;
** a recognition that however great the problems our country faces, we are all in this together – not relying on big Government for the change we need, but creating the conservative developed society’ to bring it about.
** Public sector professionals are absolutely central in all of this.
** Our party want to invite them to help us tackle our public deficit and bring about the social changes for people like teachers, youth, working women, trade unionists, writer, social workers, para medical staff, religious leaders, police and rest of public sector working staff to make communities stronger.
** But right now, there are millions of public sector staff who feel demoralized, disrespected and unrecognized.
** They are fed up with all the targets and being under the thumb of big government.
** They want the freedom to innovate, the chance to have their talents recognized.
** Therefore, we are inviting public sector staff directly to take control and transform through our party.
** PCP will give them much more power to exercise their own judgment and at last be properly recognized and rewarded for hard work and innovation.
** We will massively scale back all the targets and bureaucracy that drives them mad.
** And we will give them the right to set up employee cooperatives, bid to take over services and be their own boss.
** Just think what this all means.
** Teachers who secure better results will be better rewarded.
** Doctors and nurses will be able to focus on patients’ needs, not bureaucratic checklists.
** Staff in Job centre plus will have real incentives to improve its performance.
** Our vision for the big society will give everyone a stake in cutting our fiscal deficit and delivering better services.
** Our invitation to public workers – to take more power and control to improve people’s services, to work more flexibly and innovatively, for staff to set up their own employee
** Co-operatives – is all part of our vision to involve them centrally in our vision for creating the conservative developed Society.
** This is a new mission to improve our country, not through government control, but by giving everyone a genuine stake in our economic and social renewal – whether that means nurses being better rewarded for going the extra mile for patients, or residents living in a safer neighborhood because they took up the challenge of organizing locally to help the police fight crime.
** Labour caricature this vision as a means of cutting back on the support the state has traditionally given people.
** The reforms we are offering public sector workers today are our invitation to them to join in our vision to build the Big Society more empowered public professionals, working to build a stronger society and economy, alongside with an army of civic servants and volunteers in every community and neighborhood.
** And we want to bring many more charities, social enterprises and active citizens into delivering public sector services, diversifying and improving the public sector for all Pakistani citizens.
** And these measures will complement new rights and powers for people and community groups to get involved in running local services, for parents and community groups to set up new schools with state funding, for local people to have a bigger say in how their neighborhoods are run and where council money is spent – and much more.
** The conservative developed Society is the antidote to the rising cost and failing bureaucracy of big government, and it is the only way we can
** Bring about the real, progressive change our country needs.
** This is why we are inviting public workers / citizens today to join Pakistan Conservative Party’ Mission- help us make Pakistan the most developed & friendly country in this world, build a developed nations through raise standards in schools, help people fight back against crime –Because we are all in this together.

Central Executive Committee :
Chairman & Secretary General and All Central Executive officials / all Central Wings & All Provincial Presidents & General Secretary & Special Selected Members for Pakistan Conservative Party

General Councils :
Chairman & Secretary General and All Central Executive officials / all Central Wings & All Provincial Presidents & General Secretary / Provincial Executive Officials / All Provencal Wings / All Pakistan Districts Presidents / General Secretaries & Selected officials for Pakistan Conservative Party.

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