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Organisation : Electoral Commission South Australia
Facility : 2018 State Election
Election Date : 17th March 2018
Country : Australia
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ECSA State Election

The next State election will be held on 17 March 2018.

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Election Timetable

Date | Activity :
1 February 2018 Independent candidate briefing session
An information session will be held by the Electoral Commissioner between 6:00pm – 8:00pm at 60 Light Square Adelaide.

5 February 2018 Postal vote applications available
Postal vote applications are now available online at and at Australian Post outlets.

17 February 2018 Issue of the writs
Governor issues formal direction to Electoral Commissioner to hold the election.

19 February 2018 Lodging of nominations
Nominations can be lodged for both party endorsed candidates and independent candidates.

23 February 2018 Close of rolls
New or updated enrolments must be received by 12 noon.
End of lodgement period for party endorsed candidates
Deadline of 5pm for registered political parties to lodge nominations on behalf of candidates endorsed by them.

26 February 2018 Close of nominations
Deadline of 12 noon for nominations to be lodged with Returning Officers.
Declaration of House of Assembly candidates and ballot draws
Returning Officers will conduct the declaration of candidates and ballot draws for the House of Assembly as soon as practicable after 12 noon on 26 February 2018.

27 February 2018 Declaration of Legislative Council candidates and ballot draw
Electoral Commission SA will conduct the declaration of candidates and ballot draw for the Legislative Council as soon as practicable after 11am on 27 February 2018.

5 March 2018 EasyVote Card distribution commences
Distribution of EasyVote Card commences to all electors, excluding those who are registered declaration voters and those who are registered via the Digital EasyVote Card App.

From 5 March 2018 Postal voting material commences
Distribution of postal ballot packs commences to electors registered as declaration voters and those who have had their postal vote applications accepted.

Pre-poll voting commences :
Electors who are unable to vote on polling day will be able to vote in person at a pre-poll centre within South Australia, interstate or overseas.

From 7 March 2018 Remote mobile voting commences
Electoral Commission SA’s remote mobile voting teams commence taking votes in remote areas of South Australia.

From 13 March 2018 Declared Institution voting commences
Electoral Commission SA’s electoral visitor teams commence taking votes at Declared Institutions.

15 March 2018 Last day for receipt of postal vote applications
Deadline of 5pm for postal vote applications to be received by Electoral Commission SA.

16 March 2018 Close of pre-poll voting
Last day for electors who are unable to vote on polling day to vote in person at a pre-poll within South Australia, interstate or overseas.

17 March 2018 Polling Day
Polling places open from 8am to 6pm.

24 March 2018 Last day of receipt of postal votes
Deadline for receipt of postal ballots to Electoral Commission SA.

26 March 2018 onwards Declaration of House of Assembly districts
House of Assembly Returning Officers will commence declaring the elected member for each district.

By mid-April 2018 Declaration of poll for Legislative Council
Declaration of 11 members elected to the Legislative Council.
Return of the writs (latest date) Date specified in writs
Deadline for Electoral Commission SA to return the writs to the Governor.

Voting on Polling Day

In Your Electoral District

Outside the polling place :
When you go to a polling place you may be approached by party supporters handing out how-to-vote cards. How-to-vote cards indicate the voting preference that each candidate supports and can assist you to complete your ballot paper.

How-to-vote cards are not produced by the Electoral Commission SA. You do not have to use a how-to-vote card.

Inside the polling place :
You will see tables where electoral officers are sitting and giving ballot papers to voters.

Approach the table and an electoral officer will :
** Ask for your full name, address, and whether you have already voted at this election.
** To make voting easier show them your EasyVote card.
** Mark your name on the electoral roll.
** Give you two ballot papers.
** Direct you to a private voting screen.

Completing your ballot papers :
Enter a private voting screen to fill out your ballot papers. Pencils are provided in the voting screen. You can use your own pen or pencil if you choose.

Please ask an electoral officer if you need assistance completing your ballot papers.

If you make a mistake on any of the ballot papers, ask an electoral officer for help.

Returning your ballot papers :
After completing your ballot papers you must put the white ballot paper in the Legislative Council ballot box and the green ballot paper in the House of Assembly ballot box.

You have voted at the State election and can leave the polling place.

Outside your Electoral District

For State elections, you can vote at any polling place in South Australia, even if it is outside your electoral district. However you will need to cast a declaration vote (absent vote).

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