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Monaco Elections How to Apply For Proxy Vote

You may vote by proxy in national or municipal council elections if
** You live abroad, permanently or to complete a period of study or training, except if you live in the Alpes-Maritimes or Province of Imperia regions
** You are unable to get to the polling station on the day of the ballot due to a disability, health condition, or essential professional duties

The proxy vote is valid for one election only. If necessary, it also applies to a second round vote. The proxy who will cast your vote must be registered on the electoral roll, and must have the right to vote.

No proxy may cast more than two proxy votes.

Obtaining and completing the form

To get the form, you can either :
** Download the form available above
** Collect it from the Town Hall or from Monaco’s embassies and consulates overseas

Collating the documents

** A photocopy of your identity card or valid passport

A document proving that you are unable to get to the polling station on the day of the ballot, i.e.:
If you are studying abroad :
** A statement of study, training or internship from your training institution or employer

If your health prevents you from going out :
** A medical certificate recommending that you do not go out
** Or a photocopy of a card stating “station debout pénible”
** Or a photocopy of your disability card

If you have professional obligations :
** A statement from your employer confirming this impediment
** Or, for those who are self-employed, a sworn statement confirming this impediment

If you are permanently resident overseas :
** No proof is necessary, since your residence abroad will be proved by the last address registered with the Town Hall Nationality Department

Submitting the form

The form, along with the relevant documents must reach the Town Hall General Secretariat by the Friday of the week before the date of the election at the latest.

How to apply for Residence Permit :
The requirements for foreigners settling in Monaco vary depending on the nationality of the applicant.

In all cases, you must be able to prove that you have :
Accommodation in Monaco which is large enough to accommodate those living there, through
** Being the owner of a house or apartment; or
** Being the director or unit holder of a company which owns a house or apartment; or
** Renting a house or apartment; or
** Staying with a close relative, your spouse, or partner with whom you are living as a couple

Sufficient financial resources, by means of :
** A salary; or
** Professional income (independent commercial activity or through a company); or
** Sufficient savings (the sum which is judged sufficient depends on the banking establishment in Monaco providing the reference); or
** Being supported by a relative, spouse or partner with whom you are living as a couple

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