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Elections Bermuda Find Your Constituency

What Constituency do you live in?
There are 36 voting constituencies in Bermuda. During elections it is helpful to know the name and/or number of the constituency you belong to, to ensure you are getting the correct polling station location information.

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1. Enter your assessment no.
2. Select Parish
3. Select Street
4. Enter House No
5. Click on the Search button


1. Where do I go to vote on Election Day?
Voters vote in the constituency in which they are registered. A list of polling stations is published prior to Election Day, in the newspaper and on our website at Official Website.

2. Do I need identification in order to vote?
Yes. Every voter MUST show Identification to vote. Acceptable forms of ID are a commonwealth passport, a Bermuda driver’s license, a Special Persons Card, Voters Identification Card or an employee identification card with a photo, signature and date of birth.

3. How long are the polling stations open?
The polling stations open at 8.00 a.m. and close at 8.00 p.m.
4. Are votes counted before the polls close?
No votes are counted until after the polls close.

5. How are the votes counted?
The officers in charge of the election appointed to do so count the votes in each constituency at the close of the polls.
6. How many Members of Parliament are there?
Thirty-six (36) Members of Parliament make up the House of Assembly.

7. When does the House of Assembly meet?
The House of Assembly meets on Fridays when in session.
8. Are votes counted before the polls close?
No votes are not counted until after the polls close.

9. Do I have to disclose my interest in government contracts?
Yes, all nominated candidates are required to disclose any interest in any Government contract within seven (7) days of their nomination as a candidate for election.

This disclosure must include the nature of the contract and the interest by means of a notice published in the Gazette or in a newspaper published and circulating in Bermuda.

You should also review the Qualifications and Disqualification for election as set out in the Parliamentary Election Act 1978, the Bermuda Constitution Order, 1968, and the Legislature (Qualification and Disqualification) Act 1968

10. What are some of the important dates to remember in a run-up to an election?
One of the more important periods to remember is the seven-day registration period after the Writ is published. When canvassing, no constituent after the seven-day period if not registered, will be able have their name placed on the register in order to vote.

Advanced polls for travelers and the handicapped persons will take place on a date appointed by the Registrar Between 8:00am and 8:00pm. Advanced polls for institutions will take place on a day appointed not earlier than seven days prior to Election Day, commencing at 9:00am.

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