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Organization : Rhode Island Board of Elections
Facility : Accessible Voting System
State : Rhode Island
Country : United States
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Accessible Voting System :

AutoMARK :
In all Rhode Island elections, every polling place is equipped with a device called the AutoMARK. This device is designed to assist voters with disabilities to independently mark their ballot.

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It can be especially beneficial to voters who are blind or have motor disabilities which make it difficult to mark a ballot with a marking pen.

The AutoMARK features include :
** Adjustable LCD Touch Screen;
** Rubber-textured directional hardware arrows and buttons with Braille text;
** Audio jack with headphones for audio ballot;
** ADA dual switch access (DSA) port;
** High contrast mode;
** Screen privacy mode.

The AutoMARK is available for use by all voters at the polling place. Any voter who needs assistance with the AutoMARK should request assistance from the Warden/Moderator.

If the AutoMARK is unavailable due to technical difficulties, the voter may wait for the device to be repaired or request assistance from a bipartisan pair of Supervisors or a person of their choice.

Basic instructions for using the AutoMARK :
** Slowly insert the ballot into the reader slot.
** The AutoMARK will scan the ballot;
** An instruction screen will appear onscreen and will be played through the headphones;
** Press the flashing Right Arrow onscreen or the right hardware arrow to view choices on the ballot;
** Make selections using either the touch screen or hardware arrows;
** Continue to press the Right Arrow onscreen or right hardware key to move through the ballot;
** At the summary screen, make any changes by selecting the appropriate race or question;
** Press the Right Arrow on screen to move to the Mark Ballot screen;
** Press the Mark Ballot button onscreen or press the Select center hardware button;
** The AutoMARK will mark the ballot and return it to the voter;
** The voter may reinsert the ballot to confirm the selections onscreen and through the headphones;
** The voter must insert the ballot into the precinct’s optical scan counter (Eagle) to be counted.

Any voter who is denied use of the AutoMARK to vote should file a complaint immediately with the Board of Elections at (401) 222-2345 or via e-mail.

Limited Ballot :
Change of Address :
Voters who moved before the election but do not update their address with the Board of Canvassers are in some cased eligible to update their address at the polling place and cast a regular ballot.

Limited Ballot Overview :
Rhode Island General Law 17-9.1-16 allows an individual who has moved from one city/town to another city/town and did not update their address with the Board of Canvassers by the deadline to register to be eligible for a Limited Ballot in some cases.

Guidelines for a voter updating their address at the polling place :
If you moved to your current residence less than 30 days before the election you are eligible to vote at your previous assigned polling place in in your current city/town of registration, or at your assigned polling place in your previous City/Town of registration if you moved here from another City/Town.

If you moved 30 days or more before, but less than 6 months, before the election from your previous City/Town of registration, you are eligible to vote a Limited Ballot at the Board of Canvassers of your previous City/Town of registration.

If you moved more than 30 days, and more than 6 months, before the election from your previous City/Town of registration you are only eligible to vote for President/Vice-President, if this is a Presidential election year. See our Voting For President/Vice-President Only Section.

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