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Get Sample Ballot :

Enter your address into My Ballot finder to see the names of candidates and questions that will be on the ballot for your precinct.

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Find links to additional information about the candidates and ballots questions.

View your sample ballot :
** The sample ballot shows a list of the candidates and ballot questions you’ll be voting on.
** Information is posted about 45 days before an election.
** A sample ballot is not available for all local elections. You may need to contact the local government (city, town or school district) holding the election.

Need help? :
Call us at 1-877-600-VOTE (8683) or contact your county election office.

What’s on the Election Day ballot in 2017? :
Only some areas of Minnesota will have elections in 2017.
Voters who do will see one or more of these on their ballot :
** City Officers
** School Board Members
** Township Officers
** Park District Board Member
** Local ballot questions

Polling place rules :
In a polling place, only authorized people can be present. Campaigning is not allowed and political materials cannot be worn.

Do not enter a polling place unless you are authorized :
Only authorized people are allowed inside a polling place during voting hours, such as voters and their minor children, poll workers and someone assisting a voter. People may not gather or linger in the polling place or within 100 feet of the building.

Do not campaign in or near the polling place :
You have the right to vote without anyone in the polling place trying to influence your vote.

No one can campaign inside the polling place or within 100 feet of the building. If the polling place is on public property, no one can campaign anywhere on the property, even beyond 100 feet. However, the prohibition of signs and campaign materials within 100 feet does not apply to adjacent private property.

Do not wear political materials :
You cannot display political t-shirts, buttons or literature in the polling place. You will need to either cover up or remove these items while in the polling place.

Taking photos is discouraged :
There is no law that strictly prohibits taking photos or videos in the polling place to record your own voting experience.

However, the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State discourages this activity for the following reasons :
** Voters have a right to privacy, both as to how an individual has voted as well as whether or not an individual has voted.
** Either or both of these could be compromised by pictures or video.
** In addition, other voters’ objections to being photographed could lead to disruptions within the polling place.
** When voter turnout is high there may be lines and polling places may be crowded.
** Voters have a right to take the time they need to vote, but should not take extra time to take pictures.
** In addition, Minnesota Statutes 204C.17 and Minnesota Statutes 204C.18 prohibit voters from showing their marked ballot to others.
** Taking photographs or video of your own marked ballot could violate this prohibition.

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