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Organisation : Elections Canada
Facility : Voter ID
Country : Canada
Applicable For : Eligible Voters
Voter ID Details :
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Voter ID :

You have several options for proving your identity and address:
1. Show one piece of government-issued ID with your photo, name and current address.

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2. Show two pieces of ID :
** Both must have your name
** One must have your current address

Examples :
** Bank statement and
** credit card
** Letter of confirmation of residence and
** certificate of Indian status
** Government cheque stub and health card
** Utility bill and
** student ID card

3. Take an oath :
** Show 2 pieces of ID with your name, and
** Ask someone who knows you to attest to your address

The person attesting for you must :
** Show proof of identity and address
** Be registered in the same polling division
** Attest for only one person

Contact Elections Canada for everything you need to know to be ready to vote.

ID to Vote :
You must prove your identity and address to register and vote in a federal election. Here are your ID options when you are voting in person – at an Elections Canada office, at advance polls or on election day

There are three options to prove your identity and address
1) Show one of these pieces of ID :
** your driver’s licence
** your provincial or territorial ID card
** any other government card with your photo, name and current address

Important information about ID :
** Your voter information card is not a piece of ID.
** We accept pieces of ID in their original format.
** If your document was issued electronically, like an e-statement or an e-invoice, bring a printout or show it on a mobile device.
** We accept different pieces of ID from the same source if the documents serve different purposes.
** For example, we accept an invoice and a transcript from the same school.
** Your name and address must be printed on the ID.
** They can’t be added by hand, unless they are added by the issuer of the document, like a residence administrator or a guardian.
** We accept expired ID, as long as it has your name and current address.
** The pieces of ID listed above are authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer.
** No other pieces will be accepted.
** The pieces of ID required for a federal election are not the same as for provincial, territorial or municipal elections.

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