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Election Types :

Municipal elections :
(Within the framework of the commune)
** Every six years

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** Direct universal suffrage for the members of the municipal council who, in turn, shall elect the mayor (and his deputies):

Communes with less than 1 000 inhabitants: multi-member majority voting in two rounds.
Municipalities with a population of 1,000 or more: proportional list ballot with two rounds (without any possible modification of the list).

Paris, Lyon and Marseille: proportional list vote in two rounds in the context of electoral sectors.
At the same time, voters elect a municipal council and district councils (according to the same rules as for municipalities with a population of 1,000 or more).

Community Elections :
(Within the framework of the commune, at the same time as the election of municipal councilors in communes with more than 1 000 inhabitants)
** Every six years

** Election of the community councilors who represent the municipality within the public institution of inter-municipal cooperation with own taxation of which it is a member, the latter electing a president for six years.

Municipalities with a population of less than 1,000: appointment of the first municipal councilors in the order of the municipal board, that is, the mayor, then the deputies and then the municipal councilors who obtained the most votes in the municipal elections.

Municipalities with a population of 1,000 or more: election in the municipal elections by proportional ballot of a two-round list (without any possible modification of the list). Candidates appear on the same ballot as candidates in the municipal election.

Departmental elections :
(Within the canton)
** Every six years
** To designate the members of the county council, who in turn elect a president of the county council for six years.
** The county council is renewed in full every six years.
** Direct universal suffrage , majority voting in two rounds, with two councilors per canton elected in a pair of candidates comprising a man and a woman.

Regional elections :
(Within the framework of the region with departmental sections)
** Every six years
** To elect regional councilors who in turn elect a president for six years
** Direct universal suffrage , by ballot of list at two rounds.

Legislative elections :
** Every five years (but the National Assembly can be dissolved by the President of the Republic which causes early elections)
** To elect 577 MPs for one MP per constituency.
** Direct universal suffrage , by first-past-the-post system, with two rounds.

Senate Elections :
** Every six years
** To elect the 348 senators in the departments, the overseas territories and among the French established outside France.
** The Senate is renewed by half every three years.

** Indirect universal suffrage , majority ballot with two rounds or list ballot with proportional representation according to the number of senators to be elected in the department. The electors are, in each department, the deputies, the regional councilors, the county councilors and the delegates of the municipal councils.

Presidential election :
** Every five years
** To elect the President of the Republic
** Direct universal suffrage , single-member majority voting in two rounds.

European elections :
** Every five years
** To appoint the French representatives to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The election takes place in eight constituencies with several regions.
** Direct universal suffrage , one-round list ballot for proportional representation.

Referendum :
** An exceptional procedure whereby citizens are called upon to decide directly on a draft law or on a draft revision of the Constitution. Voting by yes or no by a majority of the votes cast.

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