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Register to Vote & Request Your Absentee Ballot : Alabama

Organization : Alabama Secretary of State
Facility : Register to Vote & Request Your Absentee Ballot
Country : United States
State : Alabama
Website :

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Register to Vote :

1. Get Automated Overseas Voter Registration Assistance
2. Prepare Your Annual Absentee Ballot Request

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Generate Your Form Now :
Prepare a print ready Downloadable Voter Registration / Absentee Ballot Request Form based on the specific requirements of your State.

After You Enter Your Information :
** Download the Completed Form
** Verify Your Information for Accuracy
** Print, Sign and Mail the Form to the Provided Election Office Address

Election Official & State Voter Information Directory :
The OVF Election Official Directory is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for U.S. election office contact information available today.

The Election Official Directory :
** Find and contact your local election official
** Look-up election office addresses, telephone, fax, email and websites

The State Voter Information Directory :
** State-by-state filing deadlines
** Options for how to send and receive voting materials
1. Your state : Alabama
2.Choose a Region

Voter Information :
Please enter the below details,
1. Voter Type *
2. Voting History *
3. Name

4. Select Title
5. Enter First *
6. Enter Middle

7. Enter Last *
8. Select Suffix
9. Previous Name (Use this option if you want to update your name)

10. Enter Birth Date
11. Enter Personal details
12. Enter U.S. Residence address

13. Enter Current Address
14. Enter Ballot forwarding address

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