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Electoral Roll Registration Process : Tonga Electoral Commission

Organisation : Tonga Electoral Commission
Facility : Electoral Roll Registration Process
Country : Tonga

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Electoral Roll Registration Process :

Process of production of the Electoral Roll :
** Individuals present their Birth Certificate, Passport or Driver’s License to the Registering Officer

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** Fill out their details on the registration form, sign the form.

** Once their form has been filled the individual is directed to proceed to the photo stall to have their photo taken with their assigned barcode in order for their National ID card to be printed.

** Once photo has been taken the individual is then given a receipt and should be kept safe so it can be presented upon picking up their National ID Card.

** Once data is collected forms are returned to the main office of the TEC so data can be uploaded.
** Data is shared to the National Identity Card Office so production of the National ID Cards for the voter can begin.

** Data uploaded is verified by data operators against the details of the voter given on their registration form.
** Once verified the data of the voters are uploaded to the electoral roll.

** Production of Provisional Roll which is to be released to the general public for public inspection for any errors. If a registered voter has any amendments such as Name correction they must return their corrections to the Tonga Electoral Commission head office immediately.

** Once all corrections have been uploaded and all data of registered voters has been verified and approved by the Commission the production of the final roll will commence in time for the General Parliamentary Election.

The Supplementary Roll is also produced to reflect these corrections and any individuals who registered at a latter date.

How do you Update/Inspect the Electoral Roll :
The roll can be searched between 10am and 3pm on any working day at the office of the Commission in Tongatapu or the Town officers Office in each individual village.

For the outer-islands, individuals can search the roll at the Governors Office in Ha’apai and Vava’u and the Government Representatives Office in ‘Eua and the Niuas.

If I have an objection to persons on the roll what can I do?
Any objection to a person on the provisional roll should be lodged to the Supervisor of Elections.

What happens if my application for voter registration is refused?
An elector whose application to register is refused will have their names removed from the register. Such electors who dispute the constituency to which they have been registered to can appeal to the Electoral Commission for a transfer. Appeals must be in Writing.

Where can I purchase a copy of the Electoral Roll?
The roll can be purchased from any printing firm which prints the Final Roll in Tonga.

You must update your registration details when :
** You move to another Electoral District or Constituency
** Your voting constituency changes if specified by the Tonga Electoral Commission.

Removal from the Voters’ Roll :
Your name will be removed from the Electoral Roll if :
** you have permanently migrated overseas and forgone your Tonga citizenship but you have to inform the Supervisor accordingly;

** or;you have become deceased;or
** if you have been convicted of an unpardoned criminal offence and sentenced by imprisonment for more than 2 years.

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