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Organisation : Electoral Commission
Facility : Check Your Votability
Country : Uganda

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Check Your Votability :

Find out if you are register and where your polling station is.
As a registered voter you enjoy the privileges of :
** Contesting for any desired elective posts,

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** You are permitted to nominate or second a candidate of you choice or sign supporters list during nominations.

** You allowed to vote for a candidate of his choice.
** You allowed to sign a petition to seek redress, in the event of any election results.

Search Using Voter Numbers OR Search By Voter Details you have to enter the following details & Click on the “Search” button,
1. Enter your Voter Number or ApplicationID or National ID Number (NIN)
2. Enter Security Code

About Us :
Uganda is among the few African countries with a heritage of kingdoms and chieftainships characterized by centralized leadership systems.

Under this system, hereditary leaders administered their societies through institutionalized councils, for example the Lukiiko in Buganda Kingdom, or the Orukurato in Bunyoro and Tooro kingdoms (assemblies that had representatives drawn from each clan and other royal appointees), and the Council of Elders in other pre-colonial communities.

In either case, the representatives had to meet prescribed criteria to qualify to rule or represent the people. Hence the concept of legitimacy of leadership is not a new concept.

However, elections have since become the basis of ensuring legitimacy of government, as those who are governed express their consent through (regular) elections.

Contact Us :
Electoral Commission.,
Plot 55 Jinja Road ,
Kampala ,Uganda.
P.O.Box 22678,Kampala, Uganda

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