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Organisation : Government Information Center, Department of Election
Facility : Apply for Postal Voting
Country : Sri Lanka

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Website :

Apply for Postal Voting :

** Only Public Sector employees are entiled for postal voting
** Collect an application from a displaying centers or District elections office

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** Find out your registration details from the Electoral Registers displyed at the centres

** Dully fill it – Polling Division name, polling district number, Gramaniladari division, village name, house number, your name, serial number assign for you in the particular register should be accuaratly write down in the application.

** Your place of work, designation and service and the Class/Grade should be clearly indicated
** Then sign the application

** Hand over to PV Certifying Officer
** He/she should certify the application and send them by post or by hand to the particular District Elections office.

FAQs :
1. Is it possible to obtain an extract of the Electoral Register?
Yes. An extract of the particulars of the household in which his name is registered can be obtained.

For this purpose the applicant has to go to the respective District Elections Office where the name is registered, fill up an application form and pay a fee of Rs. 80.00 along with supporting documents for the request.

However, a person can obtain a print out of the electoral register, containing his name, by browsing the web site of the department.

2. Are extracts of the Electoral Register issued for the purpose of admission of children to schools?
No. Extracts of electoral registers are not required for admittance of children to schools.

However, the particulars of registration as electors can be obtained from District Elections Offices and Grama Niladharis and submitted to the relevant schools. Heads of such institutions may examine the accuracy of such information.

3. Can the name of a person be registered at more than one address?
No. It is an offence. Only one address is considered to be registered, although one person may have more than one address.

4. If the house / building has been given on rent or lease or is a commercial property where no one resides, can a person get registered under the assessment number of such building simply because a person owns such property?
Being a resident is essential for the registration as an elector. A person cannot get registered as an elector simply because he/she is having the ownership.

If the respective house has been rented out, the owner cannot get registered in the electoral register under that address.

5. What is the place in which the tenants can get registered as voters?
The tenants have all the right to get registered as electors in the place at which they are residing on 01st of June of the relevant year. No one can prevent it. It is necessary that such instances are informed to the Elections Office immediately.

6. How can a person find whether he/she is registered?
The names to be deleted from and included in the valid register are exhibited at the Grama Niladhari Offices, Local Authorities, Divisional Secretariats and Elections Offices, during the period of exhibition of names to be included in and omitted from the electoral register, generally in the months of September / October.

The draft of the register will also be exhibited through the internet during such period. Information can be obtained through the website and the Government Information Center (1919) or Tell Commissioner as well as through the face book during the period of election.

7. Is it mandatory for a person to be registered in the electoral register?
Not mandatory. But it will be useful to have one’s names entered in the Electoral Register for other requirements of the Government, other than casting the vote.

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