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Frequently Asked Questions :

Candidate Nomination :
Candidate nomination took place at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports complex from July 20 to August 15, 2011.

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All registered political parties, coalitions, alliances and independent candidates who have headquarters in Monrovia, as required by Article 79(c) of the 1986 Liberian Constitution and are in good standing were entitled to contest the elections.

In order to contest the elections, political parties, coalitions, and/or alliances that were already registered with the NEC nominated candidates for elections.

In order for political parties, coalitions, or alliances to nominate a candidate, or for an independent candidate to be nominated for elections, s/he had to fulfill the application requirements, and meet the following eligibility criteria as follows:

Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates :
** Be a natural born citizen of Liberia;
** Have attained the age of thirty‐five (35) years;

** Be a resident in Liberia not less than ten (10) years prior to the time of the Presidential elections, provided that the President and the Vice‐President do not come from the same county.

** Be the owner of unencumbered real property valued at not less than twenty‐five thousand (25,000) dollars.

Senatorial Candidates :
** Be a citizen of Liberia;
** Have attained the age of thirty (30) years for the Senate;

** Be domiciled in the county or electoral district he/she plans to represent for not less than one (1) year prior to the election for the Senate; and
** Be a taxpayer.

House of Representatives Candidates :
** Be a citizen of Liberia;
** Have attained the age of twenty‐five (25) years for the House of Representatives;

** Be domiciled in the county or electoral district he/she plans to represent for not less than one (1) year prior to the time of the election for House of Representatives; and
** Be a taxpayer.

Nomination Fees :
Any person wishing to be nominated for the 2011 Elections must pay a non refundable fee to the NEC.
** Presidential Candidates – US $2,500 or its Liberian Dollar equivalent
** Vice Presidential Candidates – US $1,500 or its Liberian Dollar equivalent

** Senatorial Candidates – US $750 or its Liberian Dollar equivalent
** House of Representatives – US $500 or its Liberian Dollar equivalent

Bank deposits for Independent Candidates during Nomination :
Independent Candidates during the course of their candidacy shall maintain an updated bank account and provide a bank statement/deposit slip or a manager’s cheque to NEC during Candidate Nomination showing a balance not less than :
** 10.000 USD for President and Vice‐Presidential Candidates

** 7.500 USD for Senatorial Candidates
** 5.000 USD for House of Representatives Candidates

A total of 925 candidates have duly been qualified to stand in the elections on October 11, 2011. There are 16 Presidential candidates, three of whom are females.

For the Senatorial elections, there are 99 candidates, 11 of whom are females, while the House of Representative elections have 794 candidates, with 90 females. Ballots for the presidential race are red while blue is for the senatorial contest and green for the House of Representatives.

Electoral Boundary Delineation :
1. Why is Electoral District Delineation taking place?
The Legislature passed a Joint Resolution maintaining 64 seats and created 9 new seats for the House of Representatives
2. What is Electoral District delineation?
Single act of grouping groups of people for someone to represent them or speak on their behalf in the House of Representatives

3. How many seats will there be for the House of Representatives
73 seats
4. Will electoral district affect current administrative districts, clans or chiefdoms?
Electoral Districts will not affect local administrative boundaries

5.Will electoral district take away land or houses?
6. What are some things that the drawing of electoral districts will look at?
Electoral Districts will take into consideration geographic or natural features, closeness and community of interest

7. When will the NEC begin drawing of Electoral Districts?
Nationwide consultations on the Electoral Districts will begin from May 10-25, 2011
8.When the will final electoral districts be published
Final Electoral District Boundaries will be published June 25, 2011

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