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Voting Requirements :
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Voting Requirements :
Proceedings at poll :
(1) At the hour fixed for opening the poll the presiding officer and the poll clerk shall, in the presence of the candidates, their agents, and such of the electors as are present, open the ballot box and satisfy themselves and all present that there are no ballot papers or other papers therein, after which the box shall be locked, and the presiding officer shall keep the key; the box shall be placed on a table in full view of all present and shall be maintained there until the close of the poll.

(2) Immediately after the ballot box is so locked, the presiding officer shall call upon the electors to vote.

(3) The presiding officer shall secure the admittance of every elector into the polling station, and shall see that they are not impeded or molested at or about the polling station.

(4) An elector upon entering a polling station shall declare his or her name. The poll clerk shall ascertain whether the name of the elector appears on the official list of electors for the polling station and if it so appears he or she shall call out the name, address, occupation and number of the elector as stated in the official list. When this has been done, the presiding officer shall require the elector to identify himself or herself, which the elector shall do by producing any one of the following—

(a) his or her identification card issued under this Act;

(b) the duplicate of his or her registration record card issued in the form set out as Form 5 under the Elections Regulations;

(c) a photo application form issued to him or her in the form set out as Form 15 under the Elections Regulations;

(d) his or her passport;

(e) a driver’s licence containing the elector’s photograph;

(f) his or her membership card issued under the National Provident Regulations, 1972, or any enactment replacing the same.

(g) any other means of identification that the presiding officer may consider adequat

(a) Hard copy of the Voters Lists $ 5.00 per Polling Station
(b) Electronic copy of the Voters Lists CD Rom $200 per list with all Electoral Districts

Revision of register :
(1) The Chief Elections Officer shall at intervals of not more than 6 months commencing from the latter half of the year 1979, publish for each electoral district a supplementary list containing—

(a) the names of all persons who have been registered as electors in each electoral district under this Act, since the publication of the last register of electors;

(b) the names of all electors who because of a change of address have applied in the prescribed form for an alteration in registration either from one electoral district to another or within an electoral district.

(2) Not later than 31 January in each year subsequent to the year 1979, the Chief Elections Officer shall cause to be revised the register of electors for each electoral district by—

(a) adding therein the names of all persons who have been registered as electors during the preceding year;

(b) deleting therefrom the names of all persons who have ceased to be entitled to registration as electors under this Act;

(c) making such other alterations in the Register as are provided under this Act.

(3) Not later than 31 March in each subsequent year, the Chief Elections Officer shall publish the register of electors for each electoral district as revised under this section.

(4) The register of electors for each electoral district as revised under this section shall remain in force until the next revision of the register as herein provided.

(5) An elector whose name has been published under this section shall in case of an election in the electoral district in which he or she is registered be entitled to vote thereat although his or her name does not appear on the register of electors for that electoral district.

List to be posted at conspicuous places :
Where under this Act any list or matter is required to be published, such publication shall be effected by the posting of such list or matter in a conspicuous place at the office of the Chief Elections Officer, all public libraries, appropriate registration centres and such other places as the Commission may direct by Notice in the Gazette.

Register to remain in force until next revision :
(1) The register as prepared or revised under this Act shall be the register for the electoral district to which it relates and shall be used for any election in that electoral district until the register is next revised under section 20.

(2) If a register for an electoral district is not published within the time required by this Act then, until the date following the day on which it is published, the previous register for that electoral district shall continue in force, and where any register used at an election is a register continued in force by this subsection, this Act shall have effect in relation to that register as if it were the register revised under section 20

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