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Where & How Do I Vote :

Organisation : Barbados Electoral & Boundary Commission
Announcement : Where Do Vote & How Do Vote
Country : Barbados

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Electoral Barbados Where Do Vote

In accordance with the Representation of the People Act Cap. 12, Rule 17 Sec.(1), the Returning Officer places a notice of the poll on each polling station stating the day on which and hours during which the poll will be taken.

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Additionally, a circular from the Supervisor of Elections, is sent to each elector informing of the polling station at which the elector is registered to vote.

How Do I Vote?

The vote at the poll is given by ballot.

The Presiding Officer gives the voter a ballot paper and the voter on receiving the ballot paper, shall forthwith proceed into one of the compartments in the polling station and there secretly mark his paper and fold it so as to conceal his vote, and shall then show to the Presiding Officer the back of the paper so as to disclose the official mark, and put the ballot paper so folded into the ballot box in the presence of the Presiding Officer.

Do’s and Do Not’s for the voter?

Do’s :
** Do ensure that you are registered to vote at the Polling Station which you attend
** Do take your Identification Card to the Polling Station

** Do make all queries to the Presiding Officer after receiving your ballot
** Do mark your ‘X’ clearly in the box
** Do fold your ballot so that your ‘X’ is not shown

Do Not’s :
** Do not wear camouflage clothes to the Polling Station
** Do not take your cell phone into the Polling Station

** Do not congregate within the marked 100 yards of the Polling Station
** Do not communicate your vote to any one in the Polling Station
** Do not seek to influence other voters at the Polling Station

About Us
An Office of the Chief Registering Officer, headed by the Local Commissioner, Mr. Crichlow Matthews was established in the 1960’s to administer Local Governement Elections and to conduct General Elections. In 1966, a house-to-house survey was conducted throughout the island.

The Department acquired some Willson Indentograph Cameras, which took black and white photographs and Mr. Eric Gibbs, Mr. Valdemar Millington and others spearheaded a program for the production of the Barbados Identification (ID) Card.

A pilot scheme was carried out with the Port Authority, the Sanitation Service Authority and the District Hospitals.

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