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Organisation : Elections Website of Ministry of Justice
Announcement : Municipal Election Result 2017
Country : Finland

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Municipal Election Result :

Preliminary information on the results of the municipal elections will be published on the Elections website on 9 April after 20.00. The result information will be updated every five minutes as the preliminary counting proceeds.

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Preliminary information on the elected Councillors, the votes received by the parties and by each candidate in the entire country and by municipality and voting district will be made available on this page.

The preliminary results for the entire elections will be ready to be published on the evening of the election day. The final results will be ready for publication by Wednesday 12 April

About Election :
Municipal elections will be held in Finland on Sunday, 9 April 2017. In the elections, municipal Councillors and deputy Councillors are elected for the next four-year term. The total number of Councillors to be elected in the entire country is 8,999. The local councils’ term of office will begin on 1 June 2017.

Persons who reach the age of 18 no later than on the election day are entitled to vote in that municipality which was their municipality of residence on 17 February 2017. The total number of eligible voters is around 4.4 million.

In addition to Finnish citizens, those citizens of EU Member States, Iceland and Norway whose municipality of residence is in Finland are entitled to vote. Other foreign citizens are entitled to vote if they have had a municipality of residence in Finland for at least two years.

The Population Register Centre will send a notice of right to vote (polling card) to all eligible voters. Unlike before, the polling card will be sent in an envelope.

The address of the polling station where the voter is entitled to vote on the election day is stated in the card. Enclosed is also a list of the advance polling stations in the voter’s own electoral district.

In municipal elections, the voters may vote either on the election day or in advance during the advance voting period. Voters may only vote for a person who stands as a candidate in the voter’s own municipality.

Voters must present a photo ID, such as a passport, identity card or driving licence, to the election official. On the election day, 9 April, voters may cast their votes only at the polling station indicated in the polling card. The polling stations are open at 9.00-20.00.

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