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Party : Jannat Pakistan Party
Symbol : Fountain
Name of Party Leader : Dr. Asarulislam Syed

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Home Page :

Our ideology :
** “The individual for the state; the state for the individual, and all for Allah”.
** ” The individual for the State, the State for the individual, and all for Allah “. Muhammad Ar-Rasul Allah
We believe in establishing a NEW ISLAMIC PAKISTAN. This Pakistan shall be a true Islamic State based on the model of The First Modern Islamic State established by Prophet Muhammad (s) and his glorious companions. Men and women shall have equal rights to life and liberty. Christians, Hindus, Ahmediya and other non-Muslim minorities shall be treated with equal dignity and respect. They shall enjoy liberty with full freedom to celebrate and practice their Faith. These rights are enshrined in the Quran but were usurped by the ignorant oppressors and tyrants who deliberately mis-interpreted and mistranslated The Quran.

Our Flag :
Inquilab Bismilla- Jannat Pakistan Party Flag
The Flag of Jannat Pakistan Party was adopted by consensus amongst Party members despite a lot of heated debate.
The Party Constitution reads: “JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY shall have ‘a bright red color flag’ with a large white circle in the center and with BISMILLA , written in Black Kufi script, denoting The Law of Allah which is the party manifesto. The party flag shall be known as ‘INQUILAB BISMILLA’ and all members shall pledge allegiance to it and to The Great Manifesto which it stands for. Members are expected to hoist INQUILAB BISMILLA with utmost honor and respect, adjacent to SABZ HILALI, the Pakistan Flag with due protocol.

** If both flags are hoisted on a single post the SABZ HILALI shall always fly atop INQUILAB BISMILLA.”
** The flag INQUILAB BISMILLA shall be hoisted and waved on August 14, 2011 along with the SABZ HILALI atop all the JPP offices in Pakistan.

** “We dare to be different and we are not just another Islamic Party.
** Our Mission is Islamic Renaissance through eradication of wrongful poisonous faith that breeds hate and terrorism.
** Our Flag has eradicated the hateful Swastika and replaced it with the name of Allah representing THE LAW OF ONE GOD.”—-Asarulislam
** A logo or a flag is used for a branding purpose. With hundreds of flags bearing all sorts of stripes and colors we were left with very limited choices.
** The human eye does not register more than three colors on first sight, a fact well known to advertisers and artists who design logos.
** A Flag is usually the first thing which attracts attention towards a movement.
** We deliberately chose a Flag that would draw attention to millions of eyes.
** In one year Jannat Pakistan Party has become well known to all internet users in Pakistan.
** We should not be accused of plagiarism.
** The universal Red Cross emblem was replaced and made into a Red Crescent.
** The Kaaba once had idols which were removed and the name of God was proclaimed.
** We absolutely condemn Nazis, Hitler and all kinds of Hitlerism.
** Every sexual abuse, misdeed or traumatic human experience must have an expiry date for a healthy resolution otherwise it turns normal people into monsters .
** The longer a story of abuse prolongs, the more their bearers identify with their aggressors.
** We strongly do believe that our Jewish brothers need to move on from their painful holocaust memories.
** Our Flag was chosen for branding and is certainly not intended to be Anti-Semite.
** On the contrary, JPP flag could indeed serve as a “flooding technique through counter-phobia” for our Semite brothers, helping them attain a healthy resolution, bringing an end to their painful holocaust memories, thus enabling them to join the rest of the human race as One Nation under the Law of God.
** Let it never be said that we are Nazis or Haters of Jews. Nothing could be farther from the Truth.
** BISMILLA or the Law of Allah is the only path towards unity and Universalism and helps resolve all kinds of separatism and elitism.

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