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Organization : Bangladesh Election Commission
Facility : Voter Registration Process
Country : Bangladesh

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Voter Registration :

Primary Stage :
** Preparation of area-based primary estimation of voters on the basis of previous electoral roll.

** Recruitment of required numbers of assistant registration officers (AROs), and one supervisor for every five enumerators and one enumerator for every 300-400 voters on the basis of the estimations.

** As such recruitments get underway, building awareness among the people about the process by using mass media.

** Forming various committees comprising local public representatives, and representatives of local administration and civil society to further coordination.

** Publishing advertisements for the recruitments of area-based data entry operators, team leaders etc., sorting through the received job applications, taking exams and giving appointments.

** Printing and distribution of Form-2 for data collection.
** Preparing registrar books, voter slips and procuring stamp pads for enumerators. Handing the procured goods over to district election officers.

** Taking steps to enroll voters in jails under special arrangements.

Middle Stage :
** Arranging one-day orientation for assistant registration officers.
** Imparting three-day training to supervisors and enumerators.
** Imparting 3-10 days of training to data entry operators and team leaders.

** Giving the Form-2 and other required items out to enumerators.

** Collecting of data in Form-2 through door-to-door visits by the enumerators at least 7-10 days ahead of schedules set for photograph-taking. Keeping detailed records of seriousely ill and physically or mentally challenged people in registrars.

** Handing over the collected data to the supervisors and scrutinizing the data received by the supervisors.
** Handing the scrutinized data by the supervisors to the AROs and upon scrutiny by the AROs. compiling the data in accordance to areas.

** Setting up voter registration centres and Upazila/ Thana server stations with assistance from army.
** Handing over the registration forms to the registration-centre team leaders by the AROs.

** Informing AROs about the dates, time and numbers by the team leaders for photograph-taking. Passing the information to enumerators through supervisors by the AROs.

** By distributing chits/slips, enumerators inform the voters about time, datesand names of the centres for photographs-taking.
** Making all arrangements ready at the centres for photograph-taking.

Last Stage :
** Making the registration centres and server stations operational.
** Procuring and setting up the laptops, webcams. finger-print scanners, photocopy machines, generators etc.

Second Phase : Re-scrutinizing the Forms
** Obtaining and scrutinizing forms at registration centres.
** Serializing the forms in laptops.
** Making entries of the forms in logbooks.

Third Phase : Data Collection and Identity Scrutiny at Reg. Centres
** Voters visiting the centres and handing over the slips to persons on duty.
** Collecting respective form and reaching out to the data entry operators.
** Identifying the voters by scrutinizers present at the centres.

** Making entries of data in the laptop (unless already entries are made) by the data entry operators.

** Taking of photographs, finger prints, signatures and handing over the receipts.
** Completing of any incomplete entries by the data entry operators.

** Daily handover of data in laptops to the team leaders and transfer the same through them to the upazila-level server stations.

Fourth Phase : Registration of Physically Challenged. Jail Inmates, Missed-out Voters and Ailing People
** Identifying and informing about the voters missed out the registration.
** Registering the missed-out voters following the process described in Third Phase.

** Completing the registration of the physically challenged and seriousely ill people by door-to-door visits (in last three days).

** Informing the team leaders about the data of physically challenged and seriousely ill people and transferring the data to upazila servers through them.

** Collecting data of jail inmates under special arrangements. Completing the registration process by visiting jails and taking the eligible inmates’ photographs, fingerprints and signatures.

Fifth Phase : Data Processing at Upazila Sewers
** Sending the data of jail inmates to concerned voter areas and entry those into computers.
** Processing all data at upazila servers.
** Scrutinizing and improving the standard of data servers.

** Matching the data preserved at servers.
** Identifying the duplicate voters. Informing the team leaders.
** Correcting the errors.

** Preparing the draft national ID cards and exhibiting the same.
** Correcting the errors in draft national ID cards.
** Preparing the national ID cards and distribution.

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