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Who can Vote & How to Vote :

Qualifications to be a Voter :
** To be eligible to vote at a contested election in any constituency, your name must be in the latest certified register of electors for that constituency.

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** You will be entitled to have your name included in the register of electors for a constituency if on the prescribed date for the production of the register of electors
i. You are a citizen of Singapore i.e. holder of a pink Identity Card;

ii. You are at least 21 years old; and
iii. You are ordinarily resident or deemed to be ordinarily resident in Singapore at an address that is in that constituency.

** For the purpose of election, the address stated in your Identity Card will be regarded as the address at which you are ordinarily resident. For enquiries on ordinary residence, please contact us via email.

** You can find out whether you are in the latest certified register of electors for a constituency and verify your personal particulars in the register via the e Services available at this website or at any of the inspection centres such as the Elections Department or any community centers/clubs.

How to Vote :
The process of voting by ballot can be summarized into 7 easy steps
Step 1 : Register To Vote
Your name must be in the certified register of electors for a constituency to be eligible to vote at the election in that constituency. You can verify your personal particulars via the e Services available at this website to find out your voter status.

Step 2 : Get A Poll Card, Keep The Poll Card
Before Polling Day :
** If your name is in the certified register of electors for a constituency, and the election in that constituency is contested, you will receive a Poll Card via mail from the Elections Department.

** The poll card will tell you where is your polling station.
** If you still do not receive your poll card 3 days after Nomination Day, please call the election hotline, email the Elections Department or visit any community centre/club to obtain another poll card.

Step 3 : Find Out About The Candidates
Find out about the candidate(s) contesting in your constituency by reading newspapers, watching television, attending election rallies or just by talking to your friends and family members.

Step 4 : Go To Your Polling Station With Your Identity Documents & Poll Card
Polling Day :
** Polling stations open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.
** No other forms of identification will be acceptable for election purposes except

i. National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
ii. Singapore Passport
iii. Identity cards issued by Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force (for uniformed personnel only)
** Photocopies of the above documents are not acceptable.

Step 5
: Identify Yourself To An Election Official & Receive An Official Ballot Paper
In the Polling Station
** Show your poll card and identity documents, then follow the directions of the election officials on duty at the polling station when you arrive there.

** You may be asked to make a declaration of identity and sign the declaration before being given a ballot paper.
** You will not be given a ballot paper if you do not have the acceptable identity documents with you.

Step 6 : Inside The Booth, Mark Your Choice On The Ballot Paper
** DO mark your choice CLEARLY with an X in the box-space on the right-hand side of the ballot paper, opposite the name and symbol of the candidate or candidates of your choice.
** DON’T sign or make any marks on the ballot paper that may identify you.
** DON’T show your ballot paper to anyone else in the polling station.

Step 7
: Fold Your Ballot Paper & Put It Into Ballot Box
** Remember : Your Vote is Secret
** Fold your ballot paper over your mark so as to cover your choice.

** Drop the folded ballot paper into a ballot box.
** Follow the instructions of the election officials to leave the polling station without delay.

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