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Department of Elections :
What are the duties of the Department?
** The name of the Department itself denotes that it is an institution to conduct elections.

Related / Similar Service :

** However, conducting elections is not the only responsibility of the Department.
** It performs many other duties related to elections.

Vision :
Secure the “Universal Franchise “of the Sri Lankan citizens.
Mission :
To appoint public representatives for the implementation of the legislative and administrative powers of people at the time of exercising and enjoying the aforesaid people’s sovereignty by taking all necessary actions including the conduct of free and fair elections, as in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the people and sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.

Objectives :
** Registration of electors and the preparation of the electoral registers
** Conducting Presidential Election, referenda, Parliamentary, Provincial Councils and Local Bodies Elections.
** Enlighten the voters regarding the Universal Franchise and the right.

Electoral Register : (Voters’ List)
How is the voters’ list prepared?
** At early stages, the Electoral Register was prepared only when the Delimitation Commission recommended the boundaries of electoral districts.
** But, in terms of the Registration of Electors Act, No. 44 of 1980, the electoral register is revised annually, commencing from June 01 every year.
** An enumeration form (BC Form) is distributed mainly by Grama Niladhari to every occupied household in the month of June / July.
** In some densely populated areas of Colombo, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal areas and in some areas of Negombo Municipal area, special enumerators are deployed for this purpose.

** The enumeration form, completed by the chief occupant of each household, is collected by the enumerator, all the names are checked carefully and the recommendation against each name in the form are made, and handed over to the District Elections Office for follow up action.

** The documents, handed over by the enumerators are examined by the department and two lists, namely ‘A’ and ‘B’ are prepared.
** The List ‘A’ contains the names, that are to be omitted from the current register of electors while List ‘B’ contains new names that are to be included in the next register.
** These lists are exhibited for 28 days at the District Elections Offices, Divisional Secretariats, Grama Niladhari Offices and Local Authorities Offices etc, for perusal by the general public.
** The period of exhibition is for 28 days in the month of September or October.

** A person, who has not been enumerated, can submit a claim to the Registering Officer of the District (District Secretary) or to the Assistant Registering Officer (Deputy / Senior Deputy / Assistant Commissioners of Elections) during these 28 days.

** Similarly, objections can be made against the name of any person whose name has been enumerated to be entered in the electoral register.
** Names that are to be retained or omitted are decided after conducting interviews for claim and objection enquiries.
** The final Electoral Register will be computerized and certified on or before 31st of May of the following year.
** Since 2012, Electoral Register of the relevant year is certified in the same year.

What are the qualifications required for a person to get his / her name included in the voters’ list?
The following basic qualifications are required for the inclusion of a name in the electoral register.
** Shall be a citizen of Sri Lanka.
** Shall attain 18 years of age on June 01.
** Shall be a resident at the address where the registration is expected.
** Shall not have been determined to be of unsound mind by any court of law.
** Shall not have been found guilty of an offence for which imprisonment for a period of two years can be imposed and a six month period of imprisonment or more has been served or seven years have lapsed after imprisonment and serving a jail term for such offence.
** A period of seven years has lapsed after being considered as an offence of bribery.
** Completion of a period of civic disability.

In addition, there are also disqualifications on violations of elections laws, on being found guilty of offence under Public Institutions (Prevention of Corruption) Ordinance, on being found guilty of corrupt practices and illegal acts etc at elections.
An appeal, against the decision of the Registering Officers can be submitted to the District Court, if the name of a person is not included in the electoral register after a claim enquiry.

Does the name of a person remain lifetime in the Electoral Register after it is registered?
** No. It is compulsory that a person’s name is enumerated in the home of residency at the revision every year.
** If not enumerated, the name will be deleted from the register.

Is it possible to obtain an extract of the Electoral Register?
** Yes. An extract of the particulars of the household in which his name is registered can be obtained.
** For this purpose the applicant has to go to the respective District Elections Office where the name is registered, fill up an application form and pay a fee of Rs. 80.00 along with supporting documents for the request.
** However, a person can obtain a print out of the electoral register, containing his name, by browsing the web site of the department.

Are extracts of the Electoral Register issued for the purpose of admission of children to schools?
** No. Extracts of electoral registers are not required for admittance of children to schools.
** However, the particulars of registration as electors can be obtained from District Elections Offices and Grama Niladharis and submitted to the relevant schools.
** Heads of such institutions may examine the accuracy of such information.

Can the name of a person be registered at more than one address?
No. It is an offence. Only one address is considered to be registered, although one person may have more than one address.

If the house / building has been given on rent or lease or is a commercial property where no one resides, can a person get registered under the assessment number of such building simply because a person owns such property?
** Being a resident is essential for the registration as an elector.
** A person cannot get registered as an elector simply because he/she is having the ownership.
** If the respective house has been rented out, the owner cannot get registered in the electoral register under that address.

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  1. I have already registered fro voter’s ID in my home town. Now I am working in a different place. Can I register now?

    1. Can the name of a person be registered at more than one address?
      No. It is an offence. Only one address is considered to be registered, although one person may have more than one address.

      Information as provided in the official website of lection Commission of Sri Lanka

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