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Organisation : Jordan’s Independent Election Commission
Facility : Check Registration Status
Country : Jordan

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Voters Right :
a) Any Jordanian who has completed eighteen calendar years on the date specified for voting shall have the right to elect members to the House of Representatives in accordance with the provisions of this law.

b) The right to vote shall be suspended for members of the Armed Forces, the General Intelligence, Public Security, the gendarmerie, and the Civil Defense while they are in active service with exception of civil employees.

c) The following shall be deprived of their right to vote:
1. Any person who is declared bankrupt and has not been legally exonerated.
2. Any person who is insane or demented or has been sequestered for any other reason.

Responsibilities of national observers include:
** Respect of laws, by-laws and international election standards.
** Complete impartiality and not carrying out any activities that would be seen as biased to a candidate.
** Objectivity and precise recording of observations about the electoral process.
** Courtesy and respect of election officials and other observation missions and observers.
** Introducing themselves to polling officials and displaying the IEC accreditation badge.
** Respect the decisions of the election committees and officials and not to interfere in the electoral process or obstruct the work of election officials.
** Not carrying any arms during the observation of the election.
** Not offending election officials or citizens (voters and candidates).
** Avoiding places that witness violence.
** To report to the IEC, through the organization’s liaison officer, any significant incidents or serious violations observed so that competent bodies can address them and limit their effects.

Rights of national observers include :
** Monitoring all stages of the election process.
** Monitoring and following up on soundness of applied procedures and the extent to which instructions and regulations of the election process are observed without interfering in the process
** Receiving and recording citizens’ complaints and notes regarding the election process.
** Freedom to move between polling centers according to directives from the organization or coalition that the observer represents.
** Access to necessary protection in case he/she faces danger or threat while conducting their work.

Responsibilities of international observers include:
** To adhere to full impartiality and objectivity.
** Respect of election staff, other observers and citizens.
** To introduce themselves as observers, showing the accreditation badge while performing their work.
** Not to interfere in any stage of the election process

Rights for international observers include:
** To monitor all election activities including procedures within the polling and counting centres.
** To monitor and assess the extent to which IEC Executive Instructions and procedures are being followed without interfering in the electoral process.
** Interviewing election staff, candidates, their agents, other observers, the media and citizens.
** Freedom of movement in various places where election activities are taking place including the polling and counting centres.

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