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Party : Bedar Pakistan
Symbol : Aeroplane
Name of Party Leader : Abdul Razak Mian

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Pakistan and its current economic situation are used as examples in these FAQs. :
What is a MBCS bond?
A MBCS bond can be viewed as a mandatory payment for goods and services. The bearer of these bonds would be entitled to significant formularized discounts on the listed sale price/cost of goods and services if these bonds are used with a cash payment. In the government sector, a consumer can pay in bonds instead of cash, and the bonds will be worth double the amount of currency. In the private sector, goods and services would be purchased with 15% in bonds and the rest in cash.

How can these bonds be used? What are the benefits of using these bonds?
These bonds would be used to obtain reduced prices for goods and services offered by the government and the public sector. These bonds will bring down the cost of living for a household consumer and reduce production costs for businesses.

Who will sell MBCS bonds, and who will be eligible to sell bonds?
Unemployed and preferably educated people would be hired as MBCS agents. These people would have, at least, matriculated. They would be required to register with PMF for an annual fee of PKR5, 000. PMF would conduct an intensive but short training course, and it would offer a 10% discount to agents and assigned them a monthly quota of bonds worth PKR300, 000, which would enable a bond agent to earn up to PKR30, 000 a month.

What if a person cannot pay the PKR5, 000 registration fee?
If a person cannot pay the PKR5, 000 registration fee, then his or her monthly quota will be reduced by 50% until the agent has paid the full registration fee.

How do you control the artificially raised prices and subsidized prices of the commodities/services produced by private sector?
MBCS does not control the prices of the private sector; instead, it helps control prices by reducing the cost of production by at least 50% and eliminating taxes and import duties. Therefore, there is no artificial price or overprice in the private sector, and each product or service will be cheaper than the artificial price if the consumer uses 15% in bonds and the rest in cash.

Why pay for expenses that will be incurred in the future?
Purchasing bonds for future purchases will ensure that the consumer pays reduced prices because the bonds are inexpensive and will buy products and services with reduced prices.

Is there any financial incentive for this advance payment other than bonds?
No, there is no other financial incentive, and the consumer would get bonds according to the prescribed sliding scale. However, consumers who buy bonds during the discount period would receive more bonds for their money and be entitled to waivers for import duties. In addition, they would be able to sell bonds at a profit when the cost of bonds increases later in a financial year.

Does the purchase of PKR100, 000 worth of bonds entitle the consumer to any duty-free imports?
A person or business that purchases PKR100, 000 worth of bonds in the first month of a financial but will receive 600,000 bonds to purchase goods and services offered by the state year and is not entitled to import goods and services duty free as the duty free option is only available by remitting 1000euro to state bank and this option is only available in the first month of implementing this system.

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