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Commission on Elections Philippines : Procedure for Voting with Disability

Organization : Commission on Elections (
Facility : Procedure for Voting with Disability
Country : Philippines

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Procedure :
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Voting with Disability :

This rule shall be applicable to all PWD and SC voters. Heavily pregnant women (i.e., six months on the family way and above) belonging to precincts assigned to polling places located at multi-level voting centers may likewise avail of the facility as provided in Part III herein.

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General Principle :
In accordance with R.A 7277, as amended, and R.A 10366, the Commission shall be guided by the following principles in implementing this rule
** The Commission shall ensure that voting procedures, facilities and materials are appropriate, accessible, and easy to understandand use, and that reasonable accommodation shall be granted to PWD and SC voters in order to fully exercise their right to suffrage;
** The right to ballot secrecy of PWD and SC voters and to be assisted by a person of their own choice shall be respected at all times, as provided by law;
** An APP, as a matter of right, does not require the consent of the PWD and SC voter in order to enjoy or exercise the same; and
** The role of non-partisan PWD and SC groups, other government agencies and other civil society organizations in implementing this rule is indispensable.

Who May Assist :
PWD and SC voters may be assisted in the preparation of his or her ballot by a third party only if such fact is indicated in the EDCVL.
However, in cases where the PWD or SC voter cannot accomplish the ballot on his or her own and such fact is clearly manifest to the BEI, the PWD or SC voter may be assisted by a relative by consanguinity or affinity within the fourth civil degree; or if he or she has none, by any person of his or her confidence who belongs to the same household such as a personal assistant, a caregiver or a nurse; or by any member of the BEI; provided that the assistor must be of voting age; and provided further, that no person may assist more than three (3) times except BEI members.

Accessibility :
Regardless of location, whether an APP or not, all BEI members shall strive to ensure that their respective polling places are accessible.

Towards this end, BEI members shall, as far as practicable:
** Remove obstructions that hamper the mobility of PWD and SC voters;
** Provide sufficient and comfortable sitting spaces for PWD and SC voters;
** Create priority lanes for PWD and SC voters; and
** Exercise PWD and SC sensitivity at all times.

Signages :
In voting centers where APPs will be established as provided hereunder, signages shall be installed to indicate the location of APPs for PWD and SC voters.

Preparatory Activities :
In APPs established under R.A. 10366, the following preparatory activities shall be conducted
Two (2) weeks before elections, the Elections and Barangay Affairs Department (EBAD) in coordination with the Information Technology Department (ITD) of the Commission shall prepare a list of APPs, their locations and a summary of the type of assistance that will be required as identified by the PWD or SC voters during registration. Said list shall specify the number of PWD or SC voters per type of assistance for every clustered precinct.

Clustered Precinct: XXX, YYY, ZZZ
Location: ABC Elementary School, Bgy./ Municipality or City/Province
Assistance Required | PWD | SC | Total :
Communication Assistance 12 1 13

As soon as available, such list shall be communicated to the Election Officers (EOs) in charge of these respective APPs.

The EOs shall then endeavour to ensure that the APPs within their jurisdiction are accessible by being located at the ground floor, near the entrance of the building and free from any physical barriers and that other types of assistance so identified such as sign language interpretation are available on election day. In this regard, the EOs may coordinate with non-partisan groups such as special education (SPED) schools, and the like to address areas of concern with respect to accessibility.

A separate Election Day Computerized Voters’ List (EDCVL) and the Posted Computerized Voters’ List (PCVL) for PWD and SC voters shall be prepared by the ITD and Election Officers (EO), respectively.

Procedure on Election Day :
The BEI shall ensure that PWD and SC voters are given priority in voting at all times during voting and in the use of waiting areas on election day. When ever the number of people lined up to vote exceeds the number of available polling booths, the BEI shall ensure that PWD and SC voters utilize at least sixty percent (60%) of the total polling booths


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