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Organisation : Estonian National Electoral Committee
Facility : Verification of I-votes
Country : Estonia

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Verification of I-votes :
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Verification of I-votes :
** Verification of electronic votes (I-votes) enables to receive more accurate information on the security of the computer that was used to cast the I-vote.
** Verification makes it possible to detect when the computer is infected with malware that changes the I-vote or blocks the I-voting.
** According to the Riigikogu Election Act the verification of I-votes shall not be implemented before 2015.
** The system will be tested first at 2013 local elections.
** Voters will be able to verify their I-votes with a smart device (smartphone or a tablet) equipped with a camera and Internet connection.
** During the 2013 test, only Android devices were supported. Support for other platforms will be added by 2015.
** The voter selects the candidate „12. Elmar“ and the computer generates a random number „92862847293“.
** These two pieces of information will be encrypted with the public key of the I-voting system.
** The resulting encrypted information (cryptogram) is digitally signed by the voter.
** The digitally signed cryptogram is sent to the I-voting system server.
** The server generates a session code „1357“ end returns the code to the voter application.
** The random number „92862847293“ and the session code „1357“ are displayed by the voting application as a QR-code.
** The verification app in the smart device reads the information through the device’s camera. Voter application List of candidates … 12. Elmar 57. Jüri 137. Mari … 92862847293 12. Elmar Public key 1357 92862847293, 1357 + ? Encrypted vote Encrypted vote
** The verification app sends the session code „1357“ to the I-voting server.
** The server identifies the I-vote being verified and returns the digitally signed I-vote to the smart device.
** The voter’s identity is determined from the digital signature.
** The I-voting server also sends the list of candidates in the election district of the voter to the verification app.
** (for example: 1…139, amongst them „12. Elmar“) The verification app cannot decrypt the I-vote but it knows the random number „92862847293“ and the public key of the I-voting system that the data is encrypted with.
** The verification app will now create cryptograms to all the candidates in the candidate list using the random number.
** Once it finds the cryptogram that matches the I-vote received from the server ((„12. Elmar“), the voter’s choice is confirmed.

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