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Isle of Man Local Authority Elections April 28th 2016 : England

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Facility : Local Authority Elections
State : Isle of Man

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Local Authority Elections :

** Last opportunity to register in order to vote or stand as a candidate: 18 March 2016
** The General Local Authority Elections will take place on Thursday 28 April 2016.

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** The information set out is intended to be of assistance to voters and those interested in standing for election as a Councillor or Commissioner in the upcoming General Local Authority Elections (held every 4 years) and any future by-elections.
** Details of the Local Authority General Election Wards/Parishes can be found in the downloadable documents, along with the number of seats available in each area.
** Please note, that the information on this page is only relevant for Local Authority Elections. It does not provide details on the House of Keys Elections.
** Deadline for inclusion on the Electoral Register – Very Important
** To be eligible to stand as a candidate or vote in the local authority elections, you will need to ensure that you are included on the electoral register.
** This means all those wishing to stand or vote in the local authority elections will again need to complete and return their registration form by no later than Friday 18 March 2016 to ensure they remain on the electoral register.

Guidance for voters :

** There are two methods of voting in the Local Authority Elections; either by placing a vote at the Polling Station for your electoral district/ward, or by applying for an absent vote.
** There is no proxy vote in the Local Authority election.

Where you can vote :
** You will be issued with a polling card prior to the Election and this will state the location of your polling station.
** Should you not receive a polling card or are unsure of where your polling station is, please contact the Returning Officer for your area.
** Your Local Authority will be able to advise who the Returning Officer for your area is.
** The contact details of all the Island’s Local Authorities can be found on our Local Authorities contacts page.

What happens if your off Island :
** A registered voter who wishes to vote and who will be off Island on polling day (or unable/or not wishing to attend their polling station to vote) will need to fill in an application form requesting to be treated as an absent voter.
** Please contact your local authority for the deadline dates associated with applying for an absent vote.

Can a body of electors meet all the candidates and put questions to them?
** A requisition meeting can be held following nomination day, provided a formal request is made in writing by registered electors to the Captain of the Parish, who will then invite all candidates to address the voters at a requisition meeting and answer their questions.
** In the case of Douglas, requests for a requisition meeting would normally be directed to the Mayor (or in the case of the towns of Ramsey, Peel and Castletown; the Chairman of the Commissioners).
** However, should they be standing for election themselves, then another suitable person would be asked to Chair these meetings.

Unable to Vote in person for Local Authority Election :
** If you are unable to vote in person for the up and coming Local Authoirty Election you can apply for an “Absent Vote”.
** Please contact your local authority for the deadline dates associated with applying for an absent.

Obtaining an Absent Vote Application Form :
A registered voter who is either off-Island on the day of the election or on-Island but does not wish to attend the polling station to vote will need to fill in an application form requesting to be treated as an absent voter.
Absent vote application forms can be obtained from the following locations:-
** Local Authority Offices / Returning Officer for your ward or district
** Police Stations (during their normal office hours)
Returning Officers will supply police stations with forms of application on and after the day following the day fixed for the delivery of nomination papers.

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