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Party : Awami National Party
Name of Party Leader : Asfandyar Wali Khan

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Home Page :

Name : The name of the party shall be “Awami National Party”.
Flag of the Party : The party shall have a red-colour flag.

Central Office :
The Central Office of the Party shall be at ‘Baacha Khan Markaz’.

Membership :
** For the purpose of elections, the membership period shall be for four years.
** Every citizen of Pakistan of 16 years and above; having agreed to the Party’s basic ideology and manifesto and having accepted the responsibility to publicize it shall be accepted as a member after signing the party’s form on payment of Rs5/ as membership fee, provided that he/ she is not already member of another party.

Party’s structure :
The structure of the party shall consist of the following institutions:
1. Central Council
2. Central Executive Council
3. Central Cabinet
4. Central Parliamentary Party
5. Central Election Office

2. Party in the National Units :
The party in the National Units shall consist of the following institutions:
1. Executive Councils of the National Units i.e. Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Saraeki
2. Cabinets of National Units
3. Parliamentary Boards of National Units
4. Parliamentary Parties of National Units
5. Volunteer groups of National Units
6. District, Tehsil (Taluka/ Tappa), Wards/ Primary Committees of National Units
7. Election Commissions of National Units

Procedure to summon emergency meeting :
1/4th members of the Central Executive Committee can issue a notice to requisition a meeting, provided that agenda of the meeting is attached with the notice.
The Secretary General shall convene a meeting of the Central Executive Committee in consultation with the Central President within ten days of the receipt of notice and agenda. The meeting shall have only the agenda, which was received with the notice.

Central Parliamentary Party :
1. Members of the National Assembly and Senate, who have been elected to these bodies on Party’s tickets or joins the Party after having been elected as members, shall form a Parliamentary Party in the Senate and National Assembly, which shall elect its own Parliamentary leader and other office-bearers. The Central Executive Committee shall approve the election of the Parliamentary Party leader.
2. The Parliamentary Party shall be accountable before the Central Executive Committee in the performance of its duties.

Volunteer Companies :
Volunteer companies shall be organized at the National Units level. There shall be a Salar-e-A’ala (Chief Commander) to co-ordinate organization of the National Units’ companies and supervise its work.

Central Cabinet :
The Central Cabinet shall comprise of the following office-bearers:
** President
** Senior Vice President
** 3 Vice Presidents
** Secretary General
** Deputy Secretary General
** 3 Joint Secretaries
** Secretary Finance
** Secretary Information
** Secretary Foreign Affairs
** Secretary Labour and Student Affairs
** Central Chief Commander
** Powers and Functions of the Central Cabinet

Party’s Funds :
The Party fund shall be raised through the following sources:
1. 1/4th of the donations or membership fee raised by the National Units or subordinate organs of the Party shall allocate to the Central Fund of the Party.
2. Each member of the Central Council shall pay a monthly fee of Rs25/, which shall be deposited before a meeting of the Council
3. Each member of the Central Executive Committee shall pay a monthly fee of Rs50/ that shall be deposited before a meeting of the Central Executive Committee.
4. Each observer in the Central Council or Central Executive Committee meetings shall pay a fee of Rs100/

Audit :
The Party’s funds shall be audited at least once in a year, which shall be done or caused to be done by a committee appointed by the Central Executive Committee.

Party’s Elections :
All office-bearers of the Central Council, Central Executive Committee, Central Cabinet and all other Party office-bearers shall be elected for a period of 4 years, however, they shall perform functions till next elections Party elections shall take place at the Units level and each Unit shall elect, as per its constitution, its council, executive committee and members for the Central Council. The Central Council, which is the supreme and independent organ of the Party, shall elect members to the Central Executive Committee and Central office-bearers of the Party.

Central Election :
1. The Central Executive Committee shall appoint a five-member election commission, which shall supervise Party elections in the entire country. The chairperson of the commission shall be elected by its members themselves.
2. The election commission shall chalk out its own procedure.
3. No appeal shall lie against decisions of the election commission.
4. Each Unit shall have an equal representation in the election commission.
5. The election commission shall hear all appeals in connection with Party’s election received from all the National Units. Decision of the election commission shall be final.

1. Each National Unit of the Party shall frame its own constitution in the light of its own peculiar conditions and shall not include any provision in them, which comes in conflict with provisions of th e Central Constitution.
2. In view of the national severity of the national oppression, committees of the National Units can chalk out a joint program of action with other similar minded parties in their areas for the solution of those problems and for safeguarding their national interests, which are not against the spirit of the Party Program.
3. Each National Unit shall try its best to extend every possible help to an oppressed Unit.
4. The meetings of the Central Council and the Central Executive Committee shall be held in each province by rotation.

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