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Party : Awami Jamhori Ittehad KPK Pakistan
Name of Party Leader : Mr. ShahramKhanTarakai

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Home Page :

Awami Jamhoori Ittehad Paksitan Manifasti in english :
** Awami Jamhoori Ittehad PAKISTAN wants to build a vibrant, just. tolerant and prosperous society where everyone will have the chance and opportunity to get social and economic justice .
** Where inequality and despair shall be replaced by equality and hope.
** We believe in the power of the people and recognized their right to have better standard of living.
** We are determined to transform Pakistan into a true Islamic welfare state where the resources of the state shall be fully utilized for the well being the general public.
** Where the government shall be fully responsible to the people and shall be fully aware of the problems and demands of the public.
** We are of the view that good governance and visionary leader ship can solve all the problems of Pakistan and mitigate the suffering of the people.
** Honest and professionally sound leadership can pull the country out of the present crisis.
** Unfortunately in the past almost 65 years since our independence we are deceived through hollow promises, empty slogans and honeyed words.
** We believe in actions and pragmatic approach towards solution of problem.
** We are fully aware of the problems of Pakistan and are hopeful that through a well planned and sincere efforts solution to these problems can be found out.
** We have clear and coherent vision what is to be done and will muster all the resources to get it done.
** With abundant natural resources, strategically important location and hard working population of about 180 million people Pakistan has all the potential to become a truly developed and prosperous country provided that honest and sincere leadership is available to it.
** Our policies shall be dedicated to the under privileged and will create conditions to enable the business and trading class to compete in the open market.
** We reiterate our firm commitment to social justice and good governance.
** We promise to ensure good governance, quality education , peace , clean environment, strong defense, and full employment for our youth which is the future of this country.
** We are determined to get the country free from corruption, terrorism, poverty, lawlessness, and price hike.
** We are determined and hopeful to solve the energy crisis and to provide health facilities to all using our experience and expertise in this field for the last two decades.
** Our commitment to the people of Pakistan is that we will up hold merit , undue political interference shall be strictly eliminated.
** We b .will reduce social and economic inequalities between various classes, between provinces, with provinces, and genders establishing just society

History of AJIP :
AJIP Agenda is Social Justice for People of Pakistan. Reason to Join Politics need for Change to bring Pakistan to the Vision of it’s Founder.

Mission & Vision :
Peace Development Human Rights Humanity

Contact :
Awami Jamhori Ittehad KPK Pakistan
Head Office : Tarakai House Swabi
Phone: +92 938-312973
Mobile:+92 303-5913516

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