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Organisation : The Gibraltar Parliament
Facility : Postal Voting – Application Form
Territory : Gibraltar

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Postal Voting – Application Form :
List of Postal voters :
Subject to the provisions of these Rules, the returning officer shall prepare and publish a list of postal voters for every election.

Publication of notice inviting applications. :
Not later than the twenty-eighth day before the day of election, the returning officer shall publish a notice in one or more newspapers, and in such other way (if any) as the returning officer thinks best calculated to bring it to the attention of electors, inviting applications from electors seeking registration as postal voters.

Application to be registered as a postal voter. :
** The provisions of this Rule apply in relation to applications for registrations in the list of postal voters made in pursuance of the provisions of rule 34 of the Elections Rules.
** The returning officer shall not grant or consider an application for registration otherwise than in accordance with the Act, the Elections Rules and these Rules.
** Every application to the returning officer under subrule (1) shall be made in writing in Form I in the Schedule.
** The returning officer shall reject every application for registration received by him after 12 o’clock midday on the eighth day before the day of the poll.
** Where the returning officer rejects an application, he shall inform the applicant in writing of that fact and his reasons for doing so.
** If an applicant has dealt with his application form in such a manner that it cannot be considered for a determination, the returning officer shall reject the application and mark the form “Rejected”.
** The returning officer shall issue another application form unless it could not be dealt with by the applicant and returned by him to the returning officer before 12 o’clock midday of the eighth day before the day of the poll.
** No appeal shall lie from any decision of the returning officer.
** Where the returning officer grants an application, he shall issue a ballot paper (hereinafter referred to as “a postal ballot paper”) to the applicant in accordance with Part III of these Rules.
** The returning officer shall keep a list of postal voters and the addresses furnished by them as the addresses to which their ballot papers are to be sent.
** The list of postal voters shall be in such form as the returning officer may decide.
** The address to which a ballot paper is to be sent to a postal voter shall be placed opposite his name and address in the list of postal voters.
** As soon as the list of postal voters has been prepared, the returning officer shall publish it by making a copy thereof available for inspection at his office.

One election only :
An application for registration in the list of postal voters shall be for a particular election only.

Issue of postal ballot papers :
(1) No person other than–
(a) the returning officer and his staff,
(b) the candidates, and
(c) the election agent–
shall be present at the issue of postal ballot papers unless so permitted by the returning officer.

The returning officer shall give each election agent not less than twelve hours’ notice of the time and place at which he will make an issue of postal ballot papers.

(a) Each postal ballot paper issued shall be stamped with an official mark either embossed or perforated, and the name and number of the elector in the register shall be called out, and such number shall be marked on the counterfoil, and a mark shall be placed in the list of postal voters against the number of the elector to denote that a ballot paper has been issued to the elector but without showing the particular ballot paper issued.

(b) The number of a postal ballot paper shall be marked on the declaration of identity and ballot paper envelope sent with that paper.
(c) The declaration of identity shall be in the form specified in Form III in the Schedule.
(d) Where the returning officer is satisfied that two or more entries in the list of postal voters relate to the same elector, he shall not issue more than one ballot paper in respect of the same elector.

(e) The returning officer shall, in addition to the ballot paper, declaration of identity and envelope marked “B” for their return (hereinafter referred to as the “covering envelope”), send a smaller envelope marked “ballot paper envelope” bearing the number of the ballot paper and marked “A”.

(f) Envelopes addressed to postal voters shall be counted and forthwith delivered by the returning officer to the Director of Postal Services who shall stamp with the post office date a form of receipt to be presented to the returning officer stating Parliament

(g) The returning officer, shall, at the proceedings on the issue of postal ballot papers, or first issue if more than one, provide a ballot box or ballot boxes for the reception of the covering envelopes when returned by the postal voters.

(h) Every such ballot box shall be shown open and empty to the agents present and shall then be locked by the returning officer and sealed with the seal of the returning officer and the seals of such of the agents as desire to affix their seals in such manner as to prevent its being opened without breaking the seal.

(i) Every such ballot box shall be marked “Postal Voters’ Ballot Box”.
(j) The returning officer shall make provision for the safe custody of every such ballot box.
(k) The returning officer, as soon as practicable after the completion of the issue of the postal ballot papers, and in the presence of the agents, shall make up in separate packets–
(i) the marked copy of the list of postal voters; and

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